Thursday, October 7, 2010

Legendary Tim

Tim Lincecum has just finished putting the final touches on one of the greatest pitching performances in the history of the Giants organization. Lincecum's masterful 2 hit shutout featured an historic FOURTEEN STRIKEOUTS and, most importantly, gave the Giants the opening game of the Divisional Series. A great moment for the 2010 Giants to be sure, but more than that; a great moment in all of our baseball lives.

The Freak had it all tonight, as the ridiculous 96 game score (a new personal high!) indicates. Two doubles ruin the comparisons with Halladay's gem, but not by fucking much!
9 innings 2 hits 0 runs 1 walk 14 strikeouts
He seemed to be up in the zone all night, which isn't his usual style, but it sure as shit worked. With every pitch dancing to his commands, Tim marched into the record books as the strikeouts piled up. Early on Tim got 5 k's in a row...all swinging. In the seventh, Tim whiffed Derek Lee on high inside heat and tied Carl Hubbell ( and others I think) with 10 strikeouts in a post season Giants game. On his one hundredth pitch, he got the record with 11. Then, the pesky Hinske for #12. Pitch number 115 give Tim his 13th strikeout. And then, finally, as the last out of his first post season start, Tim Lincecum used the exact same pitch on Lee as before for the same result...the fourteenth strikeout...and a place in Giants history.

The Braves and their fans probably don't know what hit them. One blown call by an ump (congrats on your first ever stolen base, Buster) and a grounder that squeaks through (way to go Cody Ross) and, BOOM, you lose! Welcome to my world, all you Braves fans. Hope you are prepared for it to happen two more times.


JPT said...

What a fantastic evening. And how about that game score!

Let's go G's!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I've never felt relaxed or confident with a 1-0 score, but last night Tim was throwing so well it was hard not to be. I'm always saying that fluke plays decide 1-0 games, and that was surely the case last night. The blown call on Buster's SB was reasonable, it was a tough one, the ump didn't have the right angle, so the Giants got a break. Shit happens. I'm just glad the Braves didn't get a flukey break. I was upset that we failed to score with Buster on 3rd and no outs. And that stupid run-down play making another blown scoring chance. Tim isn't going to strike out 14 and throw a CG every time. We have to score some fucking runs.

Anyway, Tim was beyond amazing. That was as good as a man can pitch, and I'm glad I got to watch it. The Giants going up 1-0 is awesome. I hope Matt bring his A-game tonight!!

Brother Bob said...

That was really something. Tim seems to employ controlled wildness, ie lots of his pitches were way high or otherwise off the plate, so batters couldn't know what's coming next. Most of the swinging strikes were at pitches which were out of the zone, usually well below it.
The offense better not continue like this. FSanchez was pathetic. One feeble grounder after another. And Pablo stunk. When he came up with runners at first and third and one out it was all too predictable- a first pitch easy double play. I yelled,"You fat worthless piece of shit!" at my TV.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It should be a great series, and the 1-0 crowd might get their wish and see a few of

Sorry, I have to brag when one of my predictions comes true since most of them never come close.

My guess is the Zo-meister was really diggin' it last night, so this one's for you, bucko!

Ron said...

Well-said, Mark - Dan, that one, & we hope many more, are for you.

Fortuitously, I got both of my wishes expressed in last Saturday's post! Yay Giants!:

"Therefore, since the Giants are guaranteed ultimate victory over the Padres, I would like to see them do it at home, in front of a loud, enormous crowd, preserving Tim's gem for an actual playoff game."

On the issue of objective analysis, there were a few big problems last night, papered over by Tim Lincecum's incredible effort:

- Burrell needs to deliver (at least touch the ball). I am confident that he will.

- Sandoval was putrid & his place in the line-up should be re-evaluated.

- Omar Infante played dodgeball with Cody Ross's grounder. It's almost as if he tried not to catch it. We were very lucky.

- More important than the safe or out issue, Buster needs to work on his sliding. I've seen people break their legs or hurt their knees on similar slides. Did you notice how his back leg bent back? Yuck. Come on, Buster - we need you, so implement the fundamentals.

I am now thoroughly confused about who is pitching tonight. I had always thought that it was Cain v. Hudson tonight. Then, I thought that I saw a scroll during last night's game saying that it would be J. Sanchez v. Hudson. Now, SF is indicating Cain v. Hanson. Help!!!

Zo said...

I'm confused, too. We are facing one of these guys tonight?

Ron said...

Well, whichever one it is, I'm sure that they're all better pitchers than they are musicians.