Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sanchez can end it today

Here's Boch on the matchup:
But I like the way my team has handled everything thrown at them and they'll go out there and give it their all. And that's all you can ask.
I like the Giants chances. Two games to win one? I'll take it. Sure, it would have been nice if Big Time Timmy Jim could have ended it at home on Thursday, but it didn't happen. The Phils are a good club and they won the game. But "I'm a believer in Giants Fever" so I say the boys in black & orange are going to get it done this weekend and open the World Series in San Francisco on Wednesday.



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Ron said...

Jonathan Sanchez ... you are, as always, THE MAN!!! And, after all, Zo has your autographed ball in his hospital room. How cool is that? Giants to the World Series tonight!