Sunday, October 3, 2010

Triumph! Torture! Triumph!

The Giants take the Long & Agonizing Road to the West title, but that matters not after today's tortuous 3-0 triumph over the team's nemesis, the San Diego Padres. The 2010 Giants do what I did not believe they were capable of--going to the playoffs. It's a fantastic feeling to be wrong! Nothing but zeros by the pitching staff, just enough offense by Freddy Sanchez, Aubrey Huff, and Rookie of the Year Buster Posey. The San Diego Padres go home after battling and battling and battling and ultimately NOT prevailing in San Francisco.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, the 2010 NL West Champions!



UPDATE: Geoff Young at The Hardball Times has a blow-by-blow account of the game.
Check it out! 


Zo said...

Whoo Hoo! As Brian Wilson just said, "We have the sickest bullpen in the majors."

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. I always believed. This has been beautiful. I can't wait for some REAL OCTOBER BASEBALL! GO GIANTS!

JC Parsons said...

WOO HOO!! The chimps had no more poop!

Congrats to us all on a season well blogged.

M.C. O'Connor said...

FUCKIN A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron said...

My day:

- Watched both kids row in the morning (Leon's first Regatta). A big success!

- Watched up until the Tejada 7th inning at-bat on MLB TV.

- Raced to the Yoga Studio.

- Watched through the bottom of the 8th inning, as I checked in the Students. One just moved here from the Bay Area & had been watching the game, too. Another told me her Husband was at home, glued to the game.

- Taught the first 10 minutes of Class, then stuck my head out of the door to see Strike 2 of the last at-bat.

- Told the Students to wait a few more seconds, watched the last strike, came in, reported the good news, & giddily taught the rest of the Class!

Giants v. Braves ... sounds like a good match-up. Match-up which includes 2 of the best Georgia-born Catchers in the history of baseball. Some great pitching, too.

Ron said...

What's the post-season roster? I read speculation that it may not include Zito - that seems like a mistake. Here is my selection:

C - Posey, Whiteside
1B - Huff, Ishikawa
2B - F. Sanchez, Fontenot
3B - Sandoval
SS - Uribe, Renteria
OF - Burrell, Torres, Guillen, Schierholtz, Ross
SP - Lincecum, Cain, J. Sanchez, Bumgarner
Long RP - Casilla, Zito
Short RP - Wilson, Romo, Ramirez, Lopez, Affeldt

Unlucky to be left out - Runzler, Ray, Mota, Rowand

Anonymous said...

Really? I feel more comfortable with Runzler over Affeldt and much more comfortable with Rowand over Guillen. But yes, almost definitely we won't see Ray on there and it doesn't look too good for Mota either.

Brother Bob said...

Random comments:
Kudos to Torres for getting two hits in one AB. After being robbed of a double by the same dumb-ass umpire who tossed Bochy the night before, he came back and got a hit anyway. Well done.
I was furious when Sanchez was removed. Then thrilled when the move worked. All the relief pitchers were wonderful.
It looks like the Panda is a dangerous hitter again. Can he keep it up?
I'm glad Buster got a piece of the glory yesterday. He had cooled off considerably. His skyrocket ride to superstardom must continue.
We will sweep the Braves.