Monday, November 15, 2010

Buster Posey, 2010 Rookie of the Year

We are not surprised here at RMC, we saw Buster play every day and we know that he is a special player. Like battery-mate Tim Lincecum, he has that rare "watch me" quality. Tim is freakish and electric, you watch because you can't wait to see what happens next. Buster is the opposite. Everything he does is relaxed and easy, you watch because he is so damn reassuring. "Buster's back there," I'd think, "it's going to be OK." Or "he's up next, we'll get it done now." Imagine, a Giants fan feeling secure and confident. But that's what Buster brought to this ballclub. Can you believe how poised and articulate he was after every post-season game?

We are so, so lucky to have Buster Posey. After a World Series ring, and a Rookie of the Year award, what's next? MVP? Another ring? Bring it on, Buster!


Jason Heyward and Jamie Garcia were both outstanding and would have been deserving winners. They just had to compete against Buster Posey, and even with a month's head start it wasn't enough. Buster is that good.


Anonymous said...

Mays came up in 1951 and the giants magically won the pennant. Then in his next full year in 1954 the giants won the world series. I was expecting this to be a regular happening. They did get back to the series, in the early sixties to play the Yankees, but after that it was quite a drought. I hope this is not the case with Buster Posey. Lets hope the giants can win, and win often.

Brother Bob said...

This is great news. It feels like when Tim won his second Cy. You knew he deserved it but you would have understood if he didn't get it.
Buster was "humbled" by the award. This jockspeak cliche bothers me. Michael Jordan was humbled over and over again with every time he won an MVP; every time he was told he was the greatest player of all time. How is that humbling? Isn't it the opposite of humbling?

Ron said...

Other things of which to be proud:

- We're the only team in the NL which had 3 pitchers receiving Cy Young votes (Wilson, Lincecum, Cain).

- We're the only team in the NL post-season who beat 3 pitchers who received NL Cy Young votes (Halladay, Hudson, Oswalt).

- We're also the only team in MLB who won the 2010 World Series!!!