Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celebrating a championship, part one

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned spending spree to celebrate the Giants winning the World Series. Yesterday I plunked down my hard-earned credit card number on the MLB website and ordered the following:

--the DVD set of all the Series games (plus Games 4 & 6 of the LCS and a bonus disc!)

--Series and LCS "official" progams

-- must-have license plate frame

--killer patch for my Cain jersey

and, best of all,

--high-style wristwatch for the discerning gentleman.

I'm hella stoked, and I mean hella stoked as in 10 to the 27th power stoked!

Just doing my part to ease California's recessionary woes,


p.s. Tell us how you are helping America--what have you splurged on to celebrate the World Champion San Francisco Giants?


SIR said...

I drove 50 miles into another state and got 2 official t-shirts and the ballcap on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I think my cousin is getting me something Giants related (probably Torres related). I haven't been able to splurge on much Giants stuff 8( Not much Giants stuff on this side of the country. There's the internet, but, my family doesn't really use credit cards.

22gigantes said...

I plunked down $90 for the SI commemorative package -- the hardbound commemorative book, the Official Championship Blu-Ray, and the 2010 SF Giants Championship Ball (plus the magazine subscription).

Brother Bob said...

My ex bought me a hilariously non-official commemorative T-shirt.
It's black with orange lettering. On the back it says "World Champions/ 2010". On the front it says "THE SERIES" then "IN THE CITY BY THE BAY, 2010, A Giant Case Of Torture, Orange October, Don't Stop Beleivin'!" And there's a drawing of a Golden Gatish looking bridge, sorta like on old Warriors uniforms.

Zo said...

Does a new washing machine count?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Only if it is orange.

Anonymous said...

my son plunked down almost 450 buckaroos after I made him cut back more than half of what he manicly ordered. He went a little crazy for someone who has private college tuition bills. However, some of the goodies will last a lifetime. The giants and MLB are certainly cashing in on a team's fans who have not seen a WS victory in 56 years.

Relio Estondado said...

Three t-shirts, a world series program, and patch for my jersey. All on back order. Can't wait! Still wearing my current Giants' gear almost every day. Hasn't gotten old yet.

Ru-Tallica said...

have a lame question...i ordered that same patch for my jersey and was very dissapointed that it came with a hard plastic backing. how do you sew that on to your jersey?

M.C. O'Connor said...

@RE: it won't EVER get old!!!

@R-T: bummer--I don't know (I haven't got mine yet)

Ru-Tallica said...

Like I said, I'm not very bright. you can peel the plastic off. I was afraid of ruining the patch by removing but it was good to go. now just have to sew it on. also got my "home" patch for the left sleeve. can't wait to put them both on.