Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The day after The Day After

Some wag in the comments section of McCovey Chronicles pointed out that 11-01-10 is "54" in binary. Clever chap. The Boys of November straddled the Great Divide between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead by winning back-to-back games in Texas on both Hallowe'en and All Saints Day. The orange & black unis had to help, eh? (Día de los Muertos is on November 2nd--The Day After.) So, how do you feel, my friends? I'm still a bit numb. I've been mainlining Giants since April, and that doesn't count the angst and anticipation of the off- and pre-seasons. Going cold turkey is a real bitch! I'm nowhere near ready to fire up the hot stove--there is too much joy to be had here in Mudville to worry about 2011. I want to wallow in the glory of a World Series championship and bask in the happiness it brings me. I turned 50 last November, and I turn 51 on the 13th. The 2010 Giants gave me a damn fine birthday present, don't you think?

Oh, and the Giants open at 10-1 to repeat.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember this. Didn't you post this before the start of the season? Weren't our odds back then also 10-1? I think we have a better chance than that. Go Giants! Go for the jugular lol!

Brother Bob said...

When post-game interviewers ask, "How did it feel?" I get annoyed. It's too obvious a question. But I've been asking it of myself for the last couple of days, and I don't really know the answer. One of the standard replies jocks give is,"I dunno, I guess it hasn't sunk in yet." I usually take that to mean,"I'm surprised by how un-special this feels."
I have a few excuses. One, I had to sneak peeks at the WS while at work. The only game I got to "enjoy" in its entirety, on my sofa and with a beer in my hand, was the loss. I was fortunate to see the Renteria homer and the final out and I clapped and yelled, "Yes!" then went back to work.(It was busy)
I think the main thing that's going on, is that I did too good a job of insulating myself from how lousy I would feel if we blew it again; that I simultaneously insulated myself from how good I would feel if we actually went all the way.
But of course I'm delighted. But I'm finding that it's a deep, deep satisfaction, and I'm mostly keeping it to myself.

JC Parsons said...

I can completely understand my Bro's (or anyone's) difficulty with expressing the various emotions flying around. After all, we have more experience with losing. For me, the first thing I'm feeling is VINDICATION. I always thought this team, built in this crazy lopsided, all pitching way, could win it all. I never lost faith that Tim was the right man to lead us to this. This was the perfect team for its time and place. I think I knew that quite early on...and I was right!
Usually I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

My first real feeling that this could be the year, was based as much on baseball oddity than any scientific analysis. When the N.L. won the allstar game, I said to myself and those around me, "this is it, this will be the year the giants get into the world series with home town advantage and win it." Of course it was a guess, but at the time it felt like a revelation, and epiphany of sorts. The thought came over me with a chill to my body. This all was enhanced when the giants actually went on to win the series. I am a very young, old guy, an oxymoron of sorts. I was a giants fan in N.Y. and remember the 54 World Series. Most of my peers from the period, would not have believed that it would take the giants 56 years to win another championship, in N.Y. or elsewhere if they moved. The thought of the giants moving was not really evident in 1954. In 1957, it was awful, and I am sure the curse of Coogan's Bluff, was set for, (as it now turns out) 56 years. My feeling of elation, that they won again before I pass away, (hopefully I still have plenty of years to go),was on par to the birth of my children, my own successes, and as much as if I had the game winning hit myself. After all, I was rooting for the giants before Bochy or Sabean were born. I am ecstatic, and the feeling is lasting, and it is great. This was the emotional boost which really aids during these difficult economic and political times. I can imagine how the Cubs fans will feel when they finally win their first world series, in what seems like a million years.