Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Giants, World Series Champions

It's the last day of the best year in San Francisco Giants history. The twenty-ten club went all the way and won the World Series. Watched the final game again--it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate New Year's Eve. Tim Lincecum was magnificent, of course, but it took an improbable 7th-inning rally off Cliff Lee to get the margin the team needed to seal the win. Clutch hits by Cody Ross and Juan Uribe, an impressive sacrifice bunt by Aubrey Huff, and the big bomb by Edgar Renteria put a three-spot on the board and Tim and Brian Wilson did the rest. Baseball is a funny game. Buster Posey had the best-looking ABs all night long but didn't figure in the scoring! The Giants beat one of the best pitchers in baseball TWICE in the same series, and it was not just any series but the World Series. Giants pitchers shut out the Rangers twice and held them at one point to 18 consecutive scoreless innings, their longest drought of the season. No offense to Edgar Renteria, but the Series MVP could easily have gone to the entire Giants pitching staff as they held one of the best offenses in baseball to TWELVE RUNS in five games. The Rangers World Series line was .198/.259/.288! The Giants were no slouches with the bats, scoring 29 runs (11 in Game 1) and running out a .249/.306/.450 line. That .450 slugging was the result of 11 2B, 1 3B, and 7 HR, 18 XBH out of 42 total hits. What's funny is the Giants only managed 11 walks but gave out 15 free ones to the Rangers. It was a great victory for the Giants and all their fans, an impressive post-season run capped by a dominating Series win. HAPPY 2010!

Best wishes to everyone for twenty-eleven!


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Just watched Inside the Clubhouse on CSNBA. It never gets old.