Thursday, December 16, 2010

Game 6 redux

CSN-BA re-broadcast Game 6, the pennant-clincher in Philadelphia, last night at seven o'clock. I was up until 10:30 re-living the glory! I remain astonished that the Giants starter--Jonathan Sanchez--was pulled from the game in the 3rd inning after having an Andujarian meltdown and yet the Giants still won. The Giants had so many men on base that night (13 hits, 2 walks, an error and HBP) it seems impossible that they only scored three runs. It was torturous, even though I knew the outcome! If I were a Phillies fan, I'd still be in shock. The ball Werth hit in the 1st with two on looked like a 3-run HR off the bat but it died just short of the track. The double Howard roped off MadBum in the 5th should have scored Rollins from first but the carom went straight to Torres and he made a perfect scoop-and-throw to hold him at third. The strikeout of Ben Francisco in the 6th was an oddly generous call by home plate up Tom Hallion. The 8th inning hits by Shane Victorino (after being 0-2) and Raul Ibanez off Tim Lincecum were erased on a truly weird double play line-drive to Aubrey Huff. Wilson walked two in the 9th before freezing Howard with a perfect pitch. They had their chances, to be sure. It was such a tight game--the margins were so, so close all night long. The Giants prevailed, and deserved to win, getting a huge opposite-field homer from "Jazz Hands" Uribe, the kind of thing you expected from Werth, Howard, or Utley playing in their home yard. I haven't yet received my DVD set, but I can tell you I'll never get tired of watching that game.

You probably saw in the news that Bob Feller died. Check out the obit by Joe Posnanski.


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Brother Bob said...

Feller was my mother's favorite. She still gets all sentimental talking about how her dad took her to Indians games. She saw the Babe play.