Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Phillies take aim at Giants

Cliff Lee surprised everyone (except Ruben Amaro) by "leaving money on the table" and signing a 5-year, $100 M contract with the Phillies. This gives Philadelphia the extra ace they need to compete with San Francisco. We all watched the Giants beat the Phillies in a six game street fight to win the pennant, and we all watched the Giants hang an 0-2 on Cliff Lee in the Series. The Giants won with pitching. You want to beat the Giants you have to match them arm-for-arm. This move is about lining up a playoff rotation to beat the San Francisco Giants.

Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest a 5'-11" 170-lb., long-haired guy is pulling on a hoodie, taking his dog for a walk, and checking his text messages. I'm sure he's hearing all there is to hear about The Greatest Rotation Ever. I reckon he's shaking in his sneakers.



Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Cliff Lee is actually getting $120 million for five years, (not just $100 million like previously thought).

I actually wanted him to go to NY (sadface).

Brother Bob said...

This is a big deal. It's one thing to beat Halladay and then Lee but to beat them both in the same series... that's going to be tough.

Zo said...

I assume you mean shaking with laughter.

I seem to remember a pretty good rotation here on the west coast. Let me see, Tim beat the fearsome Cliff Lee twice in the World Series, although one game was not really what you would call a pitchers' duel. Tim also beat (and lost) to Halladay in the NL Championship and Lowe in the 1st round. I seem to remember another young fellow, Matt Cain, posting a 0.00 era throughout the playoffs, 2 wins, one ND blown by the Giants in relief. I remember a tremendous effort by Jonny Allstaff in Philadelphia, won by J. Lopez. I also seem to remember Sanchez icily throwing a Western division clincher on the final day of the season and a 7.1 inning 1 er victory in the first round of the playoffs. And Madison Bumgarner. He pitched OK in Philly, pitching even with Blanton, giving up 3 er in a game that Wilson won in relief. Then, in what was perhaps the single most impressive pitching performance of the post-season (because it was least expected), MadBum's cool mastery, pitch after pitch in game 4 in Philly. Was there any doubt when our 4th pitcher put on such a dominant show? I notice that the FanGraphs article doesn't mention a could pretty good pitchers, such as Ubaldo Jimenez (remember him)? or any Giants. I guess if your idea of "West" is Pittsburg, your journalism is going to be limited.

Seen on SF Muni bus placards: Tim Lincecum Throws Strikes Until There's a Cure. I had to look a little closer to determine what was being cured. HIV/AIDS. So we have a 5'11", 170 lb, long-haired hoodie wearing Northwesterner who is allowing his image to be used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. Although for much of society, this is not particularly progressive, baseball players are not known for being particularly progressive. Still, that is no excuse for the ignorant dirtbag who the Orioles picked up that still thinks Obama is a foreigner. There are redneck baseball players who will probably give him shit about it, but then, they should think twice if they have to stand in against that windup and fastball. I'm glad Tim is a Giant for just so many reasons.

Brother Bob said...

Amen, I'll take Tim over anyone. And after a couple more years, our current rotation will be included in all future "greatest ever rotation" discussions.
Also, I think Johnny Allstaff should get a contract extension.

Anonymous said...

Timmy will just have to starts games one and two of the series.