Monday, December 31, 2012

Last 2012 Post

For how many years (decades, really) did we say that the Giants slogan would be, "[Insert next season] Giants, Series in Four."

Then, when we finally stopped saying it, they went and did it!

Happy New Year everybody, and thanks for a wonderful, magical, inspirational, tremendous, fulfilling season.


nomisnala said...

In Mays' rookie year the giants made it to the WS but lost, in his first full year back in 1954 they won the whole thing in 4 straight, only to not win the WS until Posey's rookie year, and then in his first full year back they win the WS in 4 straight. But unlike the Mays era, lets hope the Posey era can bring in a few more WS championships. During the Mays era, they were often just one pitcher or one hitter short of being that dominant team. Often having winning seasons but never winning the WS and only getting to one more. In this age of free agency I would hope that Sabean can make sure that we surpass anything we did in the late 1950's and early 1960's as we have the ability to sign the missing pieces to make a championship run. Happy New Year.

M.C. O'Connor said...

We stopped in 1989 after the A's swept the "series in four." Then we said "WIN the series in four." And, as you say, we stopped altogether. Then, of course, it happened. OK, so what other things should we stop saying?


Thanks for making RMC the place to be!

Brother Bob said...

The MVP of the current era is the ballpark itself, the one I call PhoneCo Park. Ever since we moved from the worst baseball stadium to the best, the team has enjoyed the revenue from enless sold-out games, and therefore they can sign and retain good players. And finally, finally, finally the Giants got a bunch of good pitchers. For my entire life the team rode on the shoulders of one slugger after another- Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Bonds, Mitchell, Bonds and so on.

Ron said...

Here's a quiz for you:

QUESTION: Which splashy 2012 S. Korean sensation may appear at AT&T Park in 2013?

HINT: It's not Psy of Gangnam Style fame.

ANSWER: Scott Proctor & Ryan Sadowski, both signed today, both of whom pitched in S. Korea last year. For Sadowski, it's a return to the Giants after his brief cameo in 2009.

Can't figure out the meaning of these deals, but I'm sure it will all become clear in the near future. All I know is that every time we sign a marginal relief pitcher, I lose a little more hope that we intend to bring back Brian Wilson.

Zo said...

I don't think our intentions have much to do with whether Wilson signs or not. I think that the Giants are willing to offer an incentive-laden deal with a low (much lower than his previous $8+million) deal. He decided to shop himself, and apparently has "interest" from a number of other teams, including the doggers, who may be just saying that to irritate the Giants. In any case, he will probably figure out the best deal and then the Giants will see if they can make a comparable or better offer.

I was kind of hoping the answer was Psy.

Ron said...

Eli Whiteside has been DFA'd again!!!!! Are we going to see that goofy sucker back on the Giants next season, first with Fresno, then in SF in September? I thought that we had finally gotten rid of the MLB Player with the highest WSBT* SHQ** in the World.

* WBST = Ratio of World Series Bonus Money to Talent

** SHQ = Silly Hair Quotient

M.C. O'Connor said...

Man, dissin' on Eli?!?

What up with that??!!??

Eli was a champion Giant, a Deadhead, and rocked a silver 'fro.

What could be bad?