Thursday, June 20, 2013

Giants Come Up Short

I don't like one-run leads. I like six-run leads. I know that's a little greedy, and since the Giants average about 4.3 runs per game, not a frequent occurrence. But I'm with Billy Martin on the idea that a team never has enough runs. Sure, if Jeremy Affeldt had made a better 0-2 pitch, the Giants might have won the game by a score of 1-0, but "ifs" and "mights" aren't wins. The home team allowed only five hits and two runs and yet lost the game. Youngster Tom Koehler wasn't particularly pretty and was also a little wild but still threw five no-hit innings, six one-hit innings, and seven one-run innings. That's too many innings, I know, but it sure seemed like the Giants made a lot more than 27 outs tonight. This was a game screaming for a two-run homer to give the 'pen a little cushion, but that's not the Giants. They have the second-fewest homers in the league (49), well ahead of tonight's winning club, the Miami Marlins (37). I can live without the homers--after all we saw a nice double and triple sequence (both hit to the gap in right-center) from Brandon Belt and Joaquin Arias to get the run, but that was that. There are lots of ways to score in the game of baseball, and I'll take any of them.

Chad Gaudin was the human pincushion tonight, and the third time was the curse. He took a shot off his pitching elbow with one out in the 5th and had to be relieved. Sandy Rosario retired the next eight but walked the leadoff hitter in the 8th and so turned the ball over to Affeldt. After his meltdown against San Diego on Tuesday, we were all looking for a better outcome, but it wasn't to be. Let's hope Gaudin is OK, he's been effective as a starter and the team needs him. Rosario looked good as well and at this point every arm counts. We'll all just have to ride out this "Bad Jeremy" stretch together, I reckon.



p.s. They talked to first-round pick Christian Arroyo on the telecast. He looks like he's about 15, and talks like a high school kid. Oh, that's right, he is a high school kid. Or was, just a few days ago. Actually he sounded pretty good--said all the right things and was appropriately eager and awestruck. He's got some more inches to grow and some more pounds to put on. Should be fun to follow his progress over the next few years.


nomisnala said...

It seems that when a pitcher is slumping, who is of course a veteran like Affeldt, Bochy puts him right back in to a high leverage situation after he screws-up. Unfortunately Jeremy is a streaky pitcher and he will cough it up several times before he gets back on track. Giants blew 3 games this past week when they had late leads, and Affeldt was in the middle of them. We also came back and won a game that Affeldt coughed-up. When he brought Affeldt in, I got a pit in my stomach. First pitch HBP. On Ozuna's hit who was about 2 for his last 23, he had him 0-s on two outside pitches, then he threw one outside where he was clearly looking to take him to right field. I thought, ok now a great time to bust him inside, instead he goes outside again and he lines one, 4 feet in front of Pence. I guess we are not looking for Romo to get a 4 out save. The hitters took a vacation, but still, this game is on Bochy. Although, of course, Affeldt once again will humbly take the blame. We are just giving too many games back that we should have won. That homerun last Friday, to Goldschmidt, was a real bummer.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, that was a terrible pitch. He was leaning out, looking for something outside. I saw them set up there and I thought "just keep it away" but it was too fat and boom! that was the game.

Zo said...

That was Koehler's first win - our tendency of making nobody pitchers look like Cy Young continues. And here is more good news - apparently, Angel Pagan was hurt in Stockton in his rehab start. So he won't be back for awhile. That is OK as long as Blanco continues hitting triples and the new Perez continues being a stud. But it would be better if Perez was hearing those Angelic footsteps behind him.

Shankbone said...

nominsnala - had the same exact thoughts. And what happened to Affeldt's sweeping curve?

I guess this is the payback for the walk offs, you get games like this that are just gut punches.

I hate the Marlins. I really hate the marlins.

nomisnala said...

And now it looks as if Torres is hurt too. The only guy hitting the ball hard so far today besides Lincecum. We need a baseball miracle ninth inning comeback against the worst road team in the league. The fish think that AT&T is their home. Come on Gmen. Bochy's moves tonight (Friday) Make me wonder if he has had a stroke.