Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brewers Prevail

MIL 5  SF 2
Matt Cain pitched five innings again, unfortunately he allowed 10 hits and five runs. He got clobbered by a good lineup and had a little bad luck as well. The Brewers were sitting on the curveball, Cain's new weapon, and that was that. Matty has hung on as a fifth starter but the lack of strikeouts (5.9/9) and the high walk totals (3.8/9) aren't sustainable. He's putting 1.5 guys on base every inning and that can't last. I don't know what's going to happen but I think when MadBum is back and Cueto gets traded they'll call up Tyler Beede and either send Cain to the 'pen or cut him loose. It's that kind of year. I see the team picked up a former stud closer who has fallen on hard times, Sam Dyson. The Giants, it seems, love projects. The best I can say is to quote FanGraphs' Jeff Sullivan: "It's Anyone's Guess What Sam Dyson Has Left."



nomisnala said...

Cain, hopefully will continue to pitch well at home. Some bad luck did not help, but his whole career has been a tad jinxed with some bad luck. Of course not the no hitter, but I almost refuse to believe his stuff is that bad. Look what happened to Wainwright tonight. He made Cain look like an ace. Can we muster up a long win streak? Posey get another RBI. 16 for the season. Gennett had 10 just tonight.

Ron said...

A few things to like about Sam Dyson, based mostly upon a quick review of his 2014 - 2016:

- He's still pretty young (29).

- His best month is September.

- The more guys on base, the tougher he is - so bringing him into a difficult situation mid-Inning shouldn't be a problem.

- He is more effective against RHB, but he doesn't totally suck against LHB.

- He is more effective, when he pitches a lot; he is most effective, when he pitches on consecutive days.

A few cautionary items:

- He's much better at Home, than he is on the Road.

- Like most Relievers, he is easy to steal bases on.

- He has totally sucked this year, so there could be a physical issue.

All-in-all, I think that picking him up is a good gamble. This guy has been very good for the last 3 years - he saved 38 Games last year.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He's not costing anything but a PTBNL and a 40-man roster spot. At this point in the Giants season they have plenty of those. It's a worthwhile risk, and you never know, guys sometimes respond to a change of scenery.

It is interesting thing, to me, than one organization can spend A LOT of time with a guy and presumably TRY EVERYTHING to get him 'back on track' and then, ultimately, give up. And another organization can see the SAME GUY and go "oh, we can work with that and see some possible upside." There can't be that many differences between the scouting, coaching, and analytical departments among the ball clubs. It must come down to other things, like budget, where you are in the standings, how you think the team will perform the rest of the way, and the most obvious, what the team needs.

The Giants have a bullpen problem. It's so bad even a re-hab project looks good.

nomisnala said...

It started when Will Smith went down. It has continued. The team in late innings on offense and pitching, is just not that clutch. The low error rate sometimes does not quite tell the story of some days when the fielding is sloppy. What is it this year with the ungodly low number of triples this team has hit, while giving up triples some days in clumps. We had 5 in early April and since then we have 2 more. Triples are more than twice as hard to come by this year, than a Posey RBI.