Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Worthless Wednesday

Loss, 7-2 vs. KC 

I have had to post about losses/no decisions/crappy pitching for seven of the last eight times, so this is getting really old.   It was bad enough to waste a lovely spring day by watching that shitty game, so I don't think I will add to the damage by writing much about it.

Our "ace" this season, Johnny Cueto (5-6), is not up to the job.  Today (game score 20!) was another version of the same problem this year: the long ball.  Three today...yuck.  The only difference was that he had only given up one at home all year (with 13 on the road).

Any one else feel like they were in a hurry to get out of town?  Why on earth would they want to go to Denver?  We are in deep poop.


M.C. O'Connor said...

A lot of the things that have gone wrong with the club this season were predictable. But having JohnnyC be just average was not one of them! I counted on, no matter what else happened, having the co-aces (and Buster) keep the team together. Man, what a year. Murphy's Law writ large, to be sure.

nomisnala said...

buster reverts back to his no rbi production. BELT needs to flatten his swing. the team is starting to look like they don't give a hoot. please move posey up the lineup to third or first. if slater continues to hit, what does that mean for williamson and parker?

nomisnala said...

giants score 9 runs on thursday and lose. posey and nunez injured.