Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Congratulations Warriors!

I was away for a couple of weeks.  Saw some beautiful scenery, some awesome wildlife and was out of touch with the innertubes for a good part of it, which is a good thing.  On my return, not much changed.  I find the Giants still playing shitty, sub-mediocre baseball.  They haven't won a series in my absence and won't win one against Kansas City.  I have to consider the possibility that my presence or absence has little effect on this team.

I heard the Giants 13 - 8 win on the radio as I was driving through heavy traffic and a terrific electrical storm between Sacramento and Vacaville.  Real rain in June?  But today, the Giants lost again, back to the 1 run offenses that we have become accustomed to seeing.  Kansas City now has a better record than the Giants, that didn't used to be true.  Thank goodness for the Filthies and the Pudres.  Those teams, by the way, are the only 2 teams with a worse record than the highly paid, World Series winning Giants SINCE THE LAST ALL STAR BREAK.  We're almost up to one year of a record vying for the worst in baseball.  Some accomplishment for this overpaid team.  Let's face it, no slump goes on this long.  Get ready for the fire sale.

Kansas City's Jason Vargas against Ty Blach.  Ty Blach managed 5 2/3 innings, gave up 7 runs.  He pitched well and not so well in the last couple weeks.  Is he about spent for the season?  Did everyone figure him out?   He was kind of a bright spot for awhile, now, I'm not so sure.  About much of anything.

How 'bout those Dubs, though!


M.C. O'Connor said...

That game went bad fast. I think they will stick with Blach regardless. He's doing fine for a rookie. For a guy without a real strikeout pitch he seems to get it done inducing weak contact. He's the future, man. And I expect to see Tyler Beede real soon. He is not doing as well at AAA as I'd hoped but it's time to plug him in.

What can the Giants reasonably sell in a 'fire sale'? Not much. I don't see any pieces the team can dangle, other than Cueto, and his opt-out means he's rental only.

No, we are stuck with what we have. Belt, Posey, Crawford are locked in. Samardzija, Melancon, too. Bumgarner will get a new long-term deal. Pence and Span are signed through next year but the team may have to cut either or both.

Zo said...

I'm not so sure about Madbum. It could be that he wants to go elsewhere. We really have no idea except that he has not signed a longer term deal while still under contract. Certainly, he could be bid out of even the Giants reach, like by the Yankees. I don't know what the Giants could do, but the options are either, 1) sell, which would mean a loss of some very, very good players in hopes of some wins, or 2) pay for outfielders that might have some pop in the offseason. The Giants are built on defensive strength up the middle, with Crawford and Panic and (believe it or not) Span. That shouldn't change, but then, these are desperate times. It would be the height of bad baseball decision making to trade Buster or Belt. I don't think the Giants are that bad of decision makers. That leaves Pence, Nunez, Cueto, Arroyo, Moore, relief or minor leaguers. I don't know, but it seems more and more obvious with each loss that the team is not going to "turn it around."

Zo said...

Not to take anything away from Jason Vargas, the guy's terrific. It would be great if I pulled the trigger on my rant just a day early. I don't know, though, we'll be in Colorado for 4 games on Thursday.

nomisnala said...

posey hitting around 350 still floundering in rbi opportunities. If not traded Cueto may not be in a great position to better his contract by opting out. Posey again strikes out to end a game. Please have someone work with belt. he is regressing.