Monday, October 29, 2007

The Glory Days

I was perusing the 2003 Giants Media Guide--Felipe, superimposed over the Park, is on the cover, with inset photos of Bonds and Robb Nen and the "2002 NL Champions" logo. I found my way to page 378 which lists the 2002 June Draft Selections. There are 50 total, of that 24 had been signed. Here are the first four, in order:

Round 1, pick 25, MATT CAIN (17 yrs. old)
Round 2, pick 66, FRED LEWIS (21 yrs. old)
Round 3, pick 97, DANIEL ORTMEIER (21 yrs. old)
Round 4, pick 127, KEVIN CORREIA (21 yrs. old)

(2001's #1 pick was Brad Hennessey)

The only other name of note on the list from '02 was #8, the 247th pick, Clay Hensley, who went to San Diego for Matt Herges in July of 2003. Then 18-year old Travis Ishikawa was the 637th pick (#21) overall. The other 44 names are nobodies.

So, in June of 2008, six years later, who will be making the biggest impact on the San Francisco Giants? The Hurra-Cain is a shoo-in, but what about the other three? Talk amongst yourselves . . .


Michael said...

I hope it's Fred Lewis. The Giants need a speedy outfielder who can get on base and make things happen.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I must admit I've been skeptical about Lewis. One, six years is a long time. He seems like a "late bloomer." Two, speedy guys only help if they have high OBA's. I like a more all-round hitter with some pop (Ort?). That being said, Fred did well on the big club this year, and only got less playing time because Rajai Davis showed up. I remember well Fred hittting for the cycle, and "making things happen" as you say. Bochy would have been better off benching Roberts instead of Lewis! One of our glut of speedy OFs will have to stick--no knock on Davis, but I'd like to see it be one of "our" bhoys.

JC Parsons said...

I'm going with Lewis, as well. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in the age thing. Most players don't get good until their late 20's anyway. I think he got a taste of the highlight reel and there will be no stopping him now.

Fred always got walks in the you think that will stop?