Friday, October 19, 2007

Ort! Ort! Ort!

Daniel David Ortmeier is kicking some serious hiney in the Arizona Fall League, and the Chris Haft article on the SF Giants website makes the obvious comparison to Kevin Frandsen, Giants AFL Golden Boy last year. KF really struggled this season, looking like a blind man at a piƱata convention, but he seemed to really get it together in September and finished well. A mini-story surfaced claiming that a chat with Barry Bonds helped him. Well, duh. Too bad a Bonds story like that has no "legs," we sure wouldn't want anyone to think he was a good teammate. If anyone ever played with Bonds and FAILED to ask him hitting advice he should be sent back to the minors, DFA'd, or traded. Hell, I'D ask Bonds' advice and I play slo-pitch! Regardless, DO is trying to be our 1B next year. I say RIGHT ON! Go for it, Dan, the job is yours to lose. And I expect to see your fellow AFL star starting at 2B right next to you. These guys have done everything the organization has asked them to do--time to find out what they have. I'd rather lose 120 games with these guys in the lineup everyday than pay some over-the-hill veteran hack to hit .250. The best thing Brian Sabean can do this off-season is NOTHING.


Michael said...

Dan Ortmeir definitely has the inside track at first base next year for the Giants. I say we let all the youngsters play, go spend our money on rockstar pitching, and see what happens!

nancyo said...

I had read the tale re Barry's chat with Frandsen helping him -- thanks for giving it the legs it should have had. We will see about DO. There is good talent in the team -- let's shake it out. (I don't suppose we can shake Sabean OFF....) It's not time for spring training yet, is it -- darn.