Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sabre-Rowand & the Sabes-ster

ZiPS projections and discussion for Aaron Rowand here.

FanGraphs Rowand analysis here. Click on the tab labeled "graphs" for comparison to the league and other players.

I'm willing to admit I may be wrong about Sabes. Maybe he has a plan, and maybe he can build a good team without Barry Bonds being the Greatest Player of All Time. I'd love to be wrong, actually. A winning SFG team is more important than my "record" of being consistent, intelligent, articulate or accurate. But Sabes strikes me as a Rowand kind of guy: solid MLB pro but nothing fancy. My problem is: I want fancy. It think Sabes should hire some "assistant" GMs to do the real work of player evaluation and talent scouting. He can drift into the background and "oversee" the smart, young bucks. How about that Kim Ng from LA?


Zo said...

From, today: The Giants' two-year offer to Pedro Feliz was rejected, and they seem inclined to fill third base internally. Joe Crede is not out of the question though.

Also, from ESPN's Peter Gammons (via, a Padres site):
Unfortunately, time keeps most of us from getting to those sites specific to teams. It’s amazing how many club officials read USS Mariner (Seattle), Fire Brand of the American League (Boston), Ducksnorts (San Diego), Athletics Nation (Oakland), Viva El Birdos (St. Louis), Lone Star Ball (Texas), River Ave. Blues (Yankees),, FishStripes (Florida), Dodger Thoughts, Bronx Banter (great writing), The LoHud Yankees Blog, Reds Reporter (Cincinnati), Bleed Cubbie Blue, Brew Crew Ball (Milwaukee) and more.

I've glanced at some of these, have read Athletics Nation and Via El Birdos a fair amount. Note, no mention of a Giants site. You would think something like would merit a mention, it seems like a anyhting posted has 60 comments within minutes. However, not the qualifier, "How many club officials read........" See, I admit Sabe-bashing is fun.

Zo said...

Y'all seen this about Fransen?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Best SFG news of the New Year. Love the kid. I just hope Boch & Sabes have the balls to give him a shot, and furthermore, have the balls to stick with his development through the inevitable slumps and bad spells.