Monday, June 30, 2008

Bob's Pair

from the fertile mind of Brother Bob:

How sweet to thrash the As 11-1 in the series finale! Especially combined
with Lincecum's gem on Saturday.
The Giant's offense has shown a nice ability to go off from time to time.
Although Molina and Rowand have indeed slacked off from their early torrid
pace, they both continue to contribute more often than not, and the likes of
Winn, Durham and Lewis are always a factor to respect.
Clearly special props must go to Aurilia for a big 5 RBI performance. I will
never stop LIKING Rich for what he meant in the past, and I love it when he
has his good days.
I think I can stop shouting,"Hey, everyone, Sanchez is pretty good too!"
While all the drooling over Tiny Tim (let's get real and use the most
obvious, best nickname for him- "the franchise"- gag me) is utterly
justified, there's another big baseball story going on in Frisco. (Another
nickname I secretly love, although it's forbidden to use).
These back-to-back wins in Oakland, with their back-to-back great pitching,
have produced the most schpilkas in me yet so far this year. I declare now
that the Giants have Co-Aces, two studs in the rotation who can shut down
any other team on any given day.
Can you imagine a Giants team in the near future with this as a foundation?
And then what if Cain & Zito relearn how to breathe through their eyelids or
something, and Merkin returns in full glory? Then what?


JC Parsons said...

Nice posting. I hope you approve of the visual, Robyn picked it.

Before any baseball comments, I must say that your taste in nicknames is really bad. Scary bad. I will NEVER refer to our future HOFer as tiny anything.

JC Parsons said...

Then what?
We may still suck. Pitching is a beautiful foundation but with an offense as bad as ours it may not be enough. I actually don't agree that "the likes of Winn, Durham and Lewis are always a factor to respect." I HOPE Fred is worthy and the other two are completely interchangeable with hundreds of cheaper better models. We have many years until some hitters impact our lineup, until then our pitching will only make us a .500 club, which is probably enough to contend in our division!

JC Parsons said...

Also, since I seem to be in a bit of a pessimistic, bitchy state, I have to say that I am not quite ready to give Sanchez the nod over Cain as the Co-Ace. This month has been fantastic (Does he have a chance to win pitcher of the month?) but it isn't enough time. If Sanchez can finish the season this well, of course! but that is asking alot.

Sports Widow said...

Check out what had to say about matt.