Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eight for Tim

Sorry I’m late, the dog ate the computer.
What can I say? Tim is a God.
8 wins, but that’s still 3 behind Webb.
Another quality start, is that truly Tim’s strength?
No walks and only eighty three pitches thrown.
The first eleven Nats were easily blown away.
Everyone was thinking no hitter for a sec.
The Franchise got a bases loaded walk too.

Pardon the lame scheme*, the tank’s running dry.
It ain’t quite as easy as it seems.
Reply in kind, that is if you dare.

*Eight words per line, eight lines…no duh.


M.C. O'Connor said...

The Sporting News has finally noticed him here.
Of course WE'VE known all this all along.
A week from today The Franchise is 24.
(Three "eights" make 24, so it fits today.)
A talismanic number for Giants fans, no doubt.
Will this one finally be our lucky charm?
This off-season, he needs a sweet, sweet deal.
Or else he'll win his Cys somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Lincecum is a gem, no doubt about it.
It was cool to see him pitch live.
(I missed the second inning getting Garlic Fries.)
My boy Sanchez is improving start by start.
But neither one can get past 7 innings.
Maybe I should stop hoping for complete games.
Meanwhile, the silence here is deafening regarding Ziro.
Anyone care to calculate the dollars/ wins ratio?

Ron said...

3 good wins in this series so far. Great professional, deep-in-the-count AB's from Winn & Lewis. Bowker? Wow! Everyone's looking pretty good. Yes, it's just the Nationals, but, when we were a good team, we couldn't beat up on the weak ones - this is a good sign.

Since we drafted him, B. Posey has gone 5 for 15 with 2 more HR's & 6 more RBI's. FSU won their Super Regional & is headed to the CWS.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
Years from now when Burriss, Denker and Bowker are making their Hall of Fame induction speeches, they'll thank the classy veterans who were there for them at the beginning- Omar Vizquel, Ray Durham and Rich Aurelia. That's the value of these old dudes, except that Durham also happens to be red-hot at the plate lately. Between him and Winn (and of course Molina & Rowand) we have pretty good offense recently. Lots of big innings.
Ziro managed a W, even though it wasn't pretty. Now it's up to Cain to rise to the occasion. If he can solve his problems, we'll have quite a few strong elements to make THIS SEASON interesting.
In the "Go Bears" department, Leon Powe had an awesome performance on the big NBA stage to help the Celtics win.