Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In-Game Feelings Duet

Brother Bob:
The point, if any, of my recent personal reminicsenses, is that what I care about is how baseball makes me feel, what makes it heroic at times, deeply moving at many times, maddening, heartbreaking, etc.

But I vow to tell no more family updates for now, and to keep the old stories to a minimum.

But I won't stop commenting on how players look, or whether they have funny names (you know I have dibs on guys whose name ends in "Z"- I can't wait for Valdez and Velez and Schierholtz to come back to the big club).

Which of course brings us to my true love, Jonathan Sanchez. What a pretty, pretty man. If he were doing this with the Yankees he would already be on the cover of GQ, would've had a guest spot on Letterman, and who knows he may already be on billboards wearing his undies.

Until Cain runs off a good long streak of wins, Sanchez is OBVIOUSLY the second best starter on the Giants. His upside is immense.

As I write this, Barry Zito, our #1 starter, our albatross, was removed from the game in progress against the dreaded Indians of Cleveland. Zito appears be "very disappointed" according to David Fleming. 3-0 Giants...hard hit ball past Bowker drives in a run!..."generous scoring" ...Taschner comes in........

Hey! Jon! Your turn!

J C Parsons:
Which means everything is now OK. Threat over, Zito is still in line to win. As my visiting Bro noted, Zito was apparently miffed at coming out after, what can only be called a magnificent job. It is great to see that he has some fire in his belly. I have always WANTED to like the guy, he just sucked SO BAD. If he could just be a crafty, effective, AVERAGE starter....

Bowker just hit his eighth homer! How many of you had him even seeing the majors this year? I love insurance runs. Now in the last of the eighth, Bochy is showing a little NL managing mojo, giving up the DH in order to make a defensive replacement. All the poor Cleveland fans are probably confused by actual baseball strategy. "Big Money" Molina delivers another insurance run!! ( I thought only good teams did that? ) Now Wilson gets a shot at an easy save with a 4-1 lead. Bang! The first hitter singles, of course. Maybe I'll just shut up until this is over. (Pause)

Wow, did that work well! No sooner did I "shut up" than Bang! a double play, then a fly out. A nifty victory from Barry Zito. (That phrase sounds strange...)

As Jon Miller pointed out, the Giants haven't lost in Cleveland in 54 years!


Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Keep up the good work! Go Giants!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! Awesome shit Jon & Bob. You're beautiful human beings.

Anonymous said...

Quiz time:
1) How many Croix did you earn?
2)Do you still have them?
4)What's your best Croix story?

Anonymous said...

Brother Bo:
I remember earning 3 Croix De Candlesticks. I haven't seen them since, um forever. I remember being cold and wanting badly just to go home, but I was determined to stick around and freeze so I get one of those fuckin Croix.