Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Nines

A season can be thought of as a nine-inning game. One hundred sixty-two is conveniently divisble by nine: 162 ÷ 9 = 18 games. We just passed the 4/9 mark of the season, the 4th block of 18 games played. Let's take a look at each "inning" of the season so far.

1st: 7-11, .389

2nd: 7-11, .389, 14-22 overall

3rd: 9-9, .500, 23-31 overall (.426)

4th: 8-10, .444, 31-41 overall (.431)

Today was game 73. We lost, our record is now 31-42 (.425). That projects to 69 wins, 7 more than I figured. Who is willing to bet we will have an "inning" over .500 this season? Anyone?

Not me.

And speaking of that, I'm outta here. Friday, the Summer Solstice, we take off for points south. Our ultimate destination is Mexico. Zo, we rendezvous in Oaxaca on the 1st! Ron, we celebrate the 4th watching béisbol together (oh yeah, and your wedding a few days later). Yes, the Oaxaca Guerreros are in town and we are going to be there for as much La Liga action as we can stand! Los Guerreros are currently in the cellar. At least Los Gigantes are still ahead of the Crox and Puds.

I am not "blogging" for the duration. That's right, three weeks, no M.C. Speaking of which, Matt Cain pitches Friday. I will be on the road. One of the lads (JC? BroBob?) will have to step up and post while I'm gone.

So, hasta la vista, mis amigos. I will be back in mid-July.



Ron said...

Nos vemos en dos semanas! Llego el 2 de julio. De los quedan en la Casa de las Bugambilias, mis papas tambien llegan el 2 en la manana. La mama de Susana el 2 en la tarde. Mi hermana el 3 en la manana. Primas de Susana no se cuando, tal vez el 3, tal vez el 4. Como dicen 'todos somos Guerreros'!

Anonymous said...

Perdon, es que decir "De los que quedan en la Casa de las Bugambilias ... "

Anonymous said...

Brother Bob:
I wish I was going to Oaxaca. It sounds like a wonderful place.
I took my kids to Santa Cruz yesterday. It was Maggie's first time there. She loved it. One of the perks of parenthood is you have an excuse to go to amusement parks, zoos, museums, etc.
Oh yeah, baseball. He-who-must-not-be-named had another horrible start yesterday. What is the answer to the dilemma he presents the team with? Do they just have to live with it? For 5 and a half more years?
Yeah, go ahead and trade Winn. He should be worth a lot to a contending team who needs an extra outfielder. I fell in love with him after his beautiful 1st couple months with the Giants, but the honeymoon ended a long time ago.
And if they want to trade Sanchez, fine. As long as they get some serious talent for him. Shake things up, roll the dice. I don't give a shit about looking good this year, it's too late for that.
It amuses the heck out of me that Mark doesn't like agreeing with me.
Bon Voyage, or whatever they say in Mexican.

JC Parsons said...

Sorry...I barely speek English goodly.

This 18 game block is an interesting, if anal, way of looking at the season. We are clearly not the all-time bad team I thought we would be. I still think there is a chance that can happen, but so far we are holding it together pretty well. I seriously doubt we get a .500 "inning" but it looks unlikely that we pull a .250 one either.

Looks like it is up to "The Brothers P" to keep up the battle here at RMC. I make no promises, this lovely site could become the Deadwood of Giants blogs. If my beloved Bro can figure out how to log in that would really help.

Something to watch for: if the Giants start winning again it is clearly due to MOC leaving the country. I actually feel bad for the Oaxaaca Guerreros, they have no idea what is headed their way.