Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feeble Jon

Obviously something's gone wrong with Sanchez. He was just feeble last night. He was feeble all of July, following his outstanding June and his NL Player of the Week honor.
Maybe they should first try to skip his next start and see if a rest helps, although I don't know who in the bullpen is worthy of a spot start. Taschner?
Also, of course, the offense was pathetic again, making a couple of Dogger pitchers look like superstars. God it sucks to be shut out by L.A.
Now it's a big wait-and-see day, wondering if we make any good trades.


Displaced Giant Fan said...

So much of pitching is mental. I do not think anything is physically wrong. He just needs to regain his confidence in his ability. Remember he is young. He has to shrug off July. He needs to work through the issue of being aggressive with hitter, even if he does not have his best stuff, on any given night. Lastly, remember hitter are beginning to know his pitches. I have faith in Dave Righetti to right the ship.

The biggest concern is how the starting pitchers are taxing the pen!!!!

JC Parsons said...

Really creepy title.

Wow, did I hear "faith in Dave Righetti"?? What has he done to merit that? I really can't think of any examples of a "Righetti fix"?

Also, sorry but I can't bring myself to worry a minute about the bullpen. Those guys are plentiful and hungry. Burn up Hinshaw and Romo? oh well, here comes Sadler and Matos. Anyway it is only a month til roster expansion.

I think we have a real concern about Sanchez. If he can't sustain his control better, he won't make it to the next level. I really think he is quite far from a sure thing, enough so that I think he should be on the trading block. It would take alot for me to part with him, but if we don't move someone valuable we won't get value.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I think Sanchez could benefit from an extra day between starts. He still has very little ML experience (92 IP, 8 GS before this season) and I would expect some ups and downs.

Sanchez started 25 games for Augusta in 2005, but only pitched 125 innings. Chris at BCB has a post about our boy today as well called Gassed . Check it out.

Brother Bob said...

What's wrong with my title? Ha!
Don't you realize one of the reasons for my man-crush on Sanchez is his first name, the same as my favorite brother?
Everyone knows that 50% of baseball is 90% mental. Or is it the other way around?
Yeah, I don't exactly have faith in Rags. He's okay, I guess.
Maybe the bullpen is completely expendable. There has to be a ripple effect- if the starters suck the bullpen will suffer.
What took them so long to try Castillo at 2nd? He's not a complete waste of space, at least not all the time.

Zo said...

No trades for the Giants to report. Most of the press is about Griffey to the Pale Hose and Manny to the smog suckers. How long do you think before he gets into a tiff with Jeff Kent? Contest starts NOW.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Manny deal tells us why Sabes will do nothing. ManRam is one of the elite players of his era, and the Doggs only had to give up two bodies to get him. LaRoche became expendable with the Blake move, and they have lots of young arms. Boston gets Bay, a good player, and the Pirates get 4 players. But the Doggs got one of the biggest bats out there for next to nothing. Sure, it looks silly with Pierre and AJones already taking up space, and the .500 Doggs need some help. But they have a legit playoff shot, so it is a reasonable "rental" for the stretch run.

Meanwhile, the Giants will neither sell nor buy. Why? If you can get ManRam for 2 AAA guys, what can you get for Winn? Or Roberts?

Yeah, nothing. Me, I think nothing is worth it. Sabean doesn't. Notice that we didn't move Molina even though the Yanks needed a catcher! Sabean is holding out for "value" in a market where class-A free agents can get picked up for peanuts.

Zo said...

See here: for a summary of Brian Sabean's press conference comments on Andrew Baggarly's blog, Extra Baggs. Brian tried, but No takers! Most surprising is the lack of interest in left handed relievers. Lots of noise on, but apparently, no interest in Jack T. I'm not disappointed if he can look as good as he did Tuesday night. Giants may have had an interest in Jason Bay, but the Pirates got a lot for him, including the coveted minor leaguer that the doggers have no interest in, Andy LaRoche, and three other players. Next!