Friday, August 1, 2008

Matt's Month

Take a look at MC's game log for July. Quite an impressive line:

6 starts, 43 IP, 32 hits, only 9 ER, 14 BB and 41 K.

I like the 1.88 ERA and the 48-49 split in outs between GB and FB. The 2-3 record is a shame, MC pitched very well--he had only one bad start in the bunch. As Martin points out on OGC today, MC's last two starts "made history." Matt walked ZERO guys! We've been saying all along that Cain had two things to work on, consistency and control. This July we've seen the pitcher we all want him to be.

The Giants are on the cusp of the 2/3 mark in the season (this is game 108 tonight). I figure MC, if he pitches Monday, will get 11 more starts. Let's hope they are more like the last 6 than the first 17.

Young Mr. Lincecum's ERA is at its highest point this season while Young Mr. Cain's has reached its lowest. (Tim's is a full run lower than Matt's.) I feel like a troglodyte talking about ERA in the Sabermetric Era, but a start in San Diego ought to be just the thing to begin a downward trend, don't you think? This series is shaping up to be a Tidy Bowl of Excitement: SFG's have a .692 OPS and 419 RS, SDP's have a .701 OPS and 414 RS. San Diego has achieved the vaunted sub-.400 win percentage that is just eluding us, that ought to give us some motivation.


Brother Bob said...

Hi Mark. You sure know a lot of stats. What do any of them mean? Is there some place I could look them up?
There, now you've been heckled.

JC Parsons said...

You are a dick, bro.

Brother Bob said...

Bro, say thank you for the nice bobblehead I just gave you. It's a beauty. All fans of the Giants who don't have one are sad little girlie men.