Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cain Versus Destiny

I write this just before first pitch.
Today's game is huge for our #1 bhoyo.
He has never beaten the Doggers.
This has been a homestand of destiny, maybe a turning point. It has been a week full of omens, from the wonderful Timmy game Wednesday afternoon, to the fascinating contest yesterday.
Did Sadler go too far?
Is Kent a major asshole?
Is Roberts a winner?
The big event was the appearance of BLB at the outfielders gala. "I'm not retired," he reminded the world.

Game's on. Rowand made a great catch to maybe save a run.
OMG he struck out Kent and beaned Manny. But got out of it.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

MC fails to get that win vs. LA, but avoids the loss. (I think we'll call him ND from now on.) Then the team rallies improbably to out-dink the smogsucking scum!!

You can't say it enough: FUCK THE DODGERS!