Saturday, August 9, 2008

Frikkin' Doggers, Frikkin' Zito

I guess Zito forgot to be aggressive again. Or he forgot to focus on what he does and not the result. Or something. Whatever.
It SUCKS to lose to LA! Why do they always beat us at PhoneCo?
At least Manny Dreadlocks went 0 for 5. Small consolation.
Again it was frikkin Kent who hurt us.


M.C. O'Connor said...

It feels like the 70's again, where we get routinely thrashed by the Smoggers. What is especially galling is this LA team is the mishmash assembalge thrown together by Colletti and his unlimited payroll. At least the 70's teams were a genuine powerhouse.

Zo said...

Why was Zito taken out? Here is his pitch total inning by inning:
1st: 17
2nd: 10
3rd: 43 (OK, that was bad)
4th: 11
5th: 11
The guy threw 92 pitches, but was looking pretty good in the 4th and 5th. Did we figure that, at 5-1 we had no chance to come back against a just-off-the-DL, low velocity Penny? Yabu needed work? WTF?

Other items: Anyone else already sick of seeing Kobe Bryant in the Olympics? If I wanted to see professional basketball or professional tennis, I'd watch it. I remember watching track and field events for hours as a kid. I remember pacing off Bob Beamon's long jump in the hall of my grandparent's house. Over 29 feet! No chance that will happen again, because, you know, America loves seeing the same celebrities over and over, not sporting events (see: NY Yankees). Thank god that the summer Olympics conflicts with the baseball season or I would have to watch more professional athletes that I see all the time anyway. Please, no comments about how endorsements or cush jobs actually are the same thing as professionals. It is not the money, it is the overexposure when there is a world of sport that I don't actually get to see on TV very much. Badminton! Table tennis! Judo! Equestrian events! You ever see one of the Olympic table tennis matches? I have, courtesy of BBC in 2000. Wild, athletic, exciting. I actually like watching the opening ceremonies just to see the countries' athletes and flags. President Bush looked bored. Any how about those cute, plucky gals in white skirts and cowboy boots that had to dance and wave for two hours! Know who won the most medals per capita last time around? Bahamas! Go Bahamanians! Anyone know who won the most medals on a GDP or GDP/capita basis?

JC Parsons said...

That's easy : Benjie Molina! Nobody grounds into more double plays. Maybe not the record for GDP/ pound though...

The doggers are rather unimpressive, sure, way better than us, but not intimidating. Even with Rent-a-Manny. Kershaw is scary good and I hope his arm falls off. I heard they want to fire Colletti. The SF locals call him Agent Ned for his excellent "undercover" erosion of the scum. Schmidt, Pierre and Jones are impressively bad (rather Sabean-like) moves.