Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Kids So Far

Nobody wants to write about the high-scoring losses in Cincinnati, so I thought I'd compose some short reviews of some of our rookies.

Ivan Ochoa- On the bench since 8/26. Batting only .236 with no steals. Has shown a good knack for bunting. Doesn't look like a keeper at this point.

Emmanuel Burris- Batting .282 with 12 steals. Getting the bulk of the starts at SS now. One of many switch hitters the Giants have.

Travis Ishikawa- A tall lefty with a great name. Some power. Hitting only .237. No future with Giants probably considering the better prospects available to play first.

Ryan Rohlinger- Can't hit right-handed pitching- only .050.

Eugenio Velez- Hot recently with a double and a triple 2 days ago and a homer yesterday. Still a flawed player with potential for improvement. Is very fast.

Pablo Sandoval- Has been in the starting lineup every day of his ML career. A hitting machine from both sides of the plate. Plays 3 positions, apparently well. If he can handle 3rd base he will solve many of the Giants' long-term needs. Pitchers will learn that there's no reason to throw strikes to him, as he swings at everything close or even not so close. But he still puts the ball in play.

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JC Parsons said...

Thanks for keeping the right perspective! How about a few comments on some of our rookie pitchers:

Alex Hinshaw- He has quietly been in more games than any other rookie. Soft tossing lefty that really shouldn't be in majors, but now has Taschner's job.

Sergio Romo- Too soon to judge, but his K/BB ratio seems promising. They need to take a good look at him the rest of the way out.

Billy Sadler- Next! Life is too short.

Osiris Matos- Worth keeping, just for the name. Actually he gave up many hits first time through, so if he sucks again, he's toast.

BUT, the only name we should be talking about is MISSING and that is the BIGGEST DISASTER of this season. I am talking about