Friday, August 15, 2008

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A very interesting performance by Young Mr. Cain. After a leadoff walk, he threw a ton of pitches in the first three innings. It did not look good. Then his "veteran savvy clutchness" took over and he "settled down" to get some big ground ball DPs and strikeouts. Even the Braves run in the 6th was a studly bit of hitting by Chipper on a nice, low, out-of-the-zone changeup. Most guys make an out there. In baseball, it is all about results. We know MC can pitch. We know he pitched well last year. But the results, the W's, just didn't come for our boy. This season he did not perform well before the All-Star break. But since then he has been a stud, performing at "ace" level. It is no shame, certainly, to be number two to a guy they call The Franchise. Certainly a lot of teams would love to have MC anchoring their staff. I'm thrilled that Matt is finally showing what we've been expecting of him. 20-2/3 IP in his last three starts and only 6 ER. That's some big league pitching! And a WIN. A real, live WIN. Keep it up, big fella.

And I love Fred Lewis. Doesn't everybody?


JC Parsons said...

In order to celebrate Matt's excellent work, my lovely (and talented) wifey made the nifty new header. I think it ROCKS and is absolutely worthy of this fine blog.(I may be biased.) Let us know what you think. We can, of course, put everything back.

What's not to love about Fred?

JC Parsons said...

Posey News!!! WooHoo

Brother Bob said...

I love Matt, and Fred, and the new look, with the possible exception of Lou Seal.
I also love Randy Winn. He's red hot, hitting .475 0ver the last 10 games.
That's even better than Buster's average for the season (.463!) at Fla State.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I love the new look.

I love our new catcher.

John Shea SF Comical

That was quite a game. We couldn't seem to buy a clutch hit until Winn's HR. We seem to score only by accident. Did you know the 1996 team had 13 rookies make debuts? I think we have matched that this season.