Sunday, August 24, 2008


I just love this guy. I was hoping for a power hitter,
but he resembles Tony Gwynn more- a pudge who slaps
the ball to the opposite field a lot.
Let's all hope he stays good for a long time.


M.C. O'Connor said...

You can check out his minor league line at Baseball Reference:

Pablo's minor stats

His career line (452 games) of .303/.342/.445 is less impressive than his .900+ OPS in his last 112 games, slugging well over .500 for San Jose (A+) and Connecticut (AA) this year. His first few years in the minors show a sub-.320 OBP. Not good.

But, he's only 22, and has only has 44 games at AA level, jumping from there to the bigs. If he struggles, seeing some more time in the minors wouldn't be so bad. Lots of guys have come up, gone back down, and come up again much stronger players. We saw Bowker explode on to the big stage, then come crashing to earth. I expect he'll be back.

I like Pablo's versatility and athleticism. I hope he can hit for power: 1B and 3B are "masher" spots. We need a masher. Desperately. For now, I'm really enjoying the 110-kilogram hombre from Venezuela. Nothing like having a crappy team to get a look at all your youngsters.

Brother Bob said...

Oh, great, Correia's first pitch ended up in McCovey cove.

JC Parsons said...

3 zip bottom 4
But wait, back to back doubles by Fred and Molina...
Guess who's up?

JC Parsons said...

Well, I mean after Gomer (HBP!)

JC Parsons said...

Single to load the bases, damn Molina is SO slow. I predict Sandoval gets a hit in every game of his career.