Saturday, September 13, 2008

55 for 55

Tim Lincecum's fifty-fifth appearance dazzled: his first SHUTOUT! Four lousy singles (two in the ninth), twelve strikeouts - including Gonzales three times - never in doubt. This performance, while solidly placing Tim in Cy Young command, will again bring out cries of "abuse!" Who knows? Tonight's thrills make one wonder...

Is Tim the new Barry?

Author's note: This 55-word post, in the spirit of M.C. O'Connor's series of mini-sagas starring Matt Cadd, honors a minor numerical milepost on the highway to stardom. I bet you expected tonight’s title to be Completely Tim, didn’t you? Heckles should assume similar form, as this note did...try Word Count Tool!


Brother Bob said...

I watched most of the ninth inning and it was a bit agonizing. I know why they were doing it. No guts no glory.
Adrian Gonzalez is a monster, and Timmy made him his bitch.
PS I think I would love to go to a game at PetCo.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He better be. (And t'anks for the plug, me bucko.)

Check out Baseball Prospectus for analysis of Pitcher Abuse. In college, I learned to skip to the end and read the conclusion.

Tim may be a unique case. Are we willing to gamble on that?

Petco is a nice park, actually, despite being enemy territory.

Anonymous said...

Thirty days has September.
Three more possible starts for Tim.
Then twenty games he could win.

The 2.43 league best ERA he has.
Two hundred thirty-seven league high strike outs are his too.

There's no effect of abuse on Tim.
That's why Yes, he is the new Barry!

(If only we played in October.) SIR

Brother Bob said...

I came up short by seven words.

Zo said...