Sunday, September 28, 2008

7 8 2 2 4 6

Maddux? Check.

Dodgers? Check.

MC pitches well? Check.

No run support? Check.

Another "tough-luck" loss? Check.

Didn't I already write this post? Check.

Fuck this shit.

(From Andrew Baggarly's blog:
Matt Cain: 34 starts.
Times the Giants scored one run or fewer for him: 16


Zo said...

And for the record, Matt Kemp is a no-class punk. In the 7th, Velez was foolishly trying to stretch a single into a double. The reason he was doing so was because Kemp, who picked up the liner to the outfield, made a big showy pirouette because he assumed Velez would stop at first. By the time he got back to facing the infield, he had time to make a play at second. Lucky for him, the next hit would have made it runners at first and third, and Velez would have scored for another run. So it has gone for the Giants this season. A Sadler celebration when Kemp strikes out? You bet, I hope to see many, many more. By the way, don't you need like 450 plate appearances to qualify for a batting title? Congratulations, Albert Pujols.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I believe it is 3.1 PA per team game to qualify. For 162 games (if a team plays all 162), that means 502 plate appearances.

Chipper has 533 PA this season.

Brother Bob said...

How appropriate and how sad that Cain's season would end this way. He truly is Mr. Hard Luck. And he still has never beaten the Doggers. That's frustrating.

JC Parsons said...

What I find a bit upsetting is how similar Matt's numbers are compared to last year's. How did he improve or, even change? In fact, the team's record is going to be nearly identical...Is Matt the personification of all things Giants?

Zo said...

Excellent question, JP. It gives us something to ponder, dissect and discuss amidst our offseason angst.

One more note: with Randy Winn's home run last night, the Giants have 5 players in double digits, not counting Ray Durham. Winn, Bowker, Molina, Rowand and Aurilia. Of course, only Molina has as many as 15. This doesn't mean much, the Giants are still pitifully weak.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Imagine that in 8 of the 16 Cain starts in which the Giants scored 1 or fewer runs, we scored enough runs to win. That is, we had a genuine major-league offense instead of the pathetic collection of scrubs, old-timers and undisciplined hacks we have now. I'm only asking for HALF of the starts Cain lost to be different. Even if we win only HALF OF THOSE, a 4-game turn-around, Cain finishes with 12 wins and the Giants manage 3rd place. While I agree that Cain seems to be "running in place" (what with regression to the mean and the competition inherent in international pro sports could be seen as, ultimately, losing ground), the Giants failure to provide an offense is criminal.

Sabean should be replaced. I see no reason why he should continue to mis-manage our team. Despite my earlier enthusiam for Lansford (mostly a misplaced joy at getting a NEW coach and shipping out the OLD one), he has to go, too. We are a 100-loss team that got lucky and lost "only" 90+. The outlook for next year is equally bleak.

M.C. O'Connor said...

At 18-5, Tim Lincecum is entirely responsible for the fact that we finished 10 games ahead of my prediction of 100 losses. One guy. To put it in perspective, it took a remarkable Cy Young caliber performance by a wunderkindto save our asses from last place.