Monday, September 1, 2008

Adequate Jon

Sanchez was just okay in his comeback game. He looked sharp early, then seemed to lose focus and made a few mistakes, then pulled it back together for a solid last few innings. Too bad it was one of those games where the offense disappeared.
So I guess we can pencil him in every 5th day and have a fair chance of winning. he should get better eventually, along with our other young pitchers. In a couple of years we will have an awesome nucleus, assuming we retain Lincecum.


JC Parsons said...

How come all your titles are a little hard for me to take?

I was pleased at how far he went. He definitely needs a couple more starts before the end. I am not really ready to just hand Sanchez the 4 or 5 spot. Many questions. We also need to see if we have a keeper in the bullpen, besides Wilson (who is going to end up as Silver Lining #2 of 2008). I think Matt needs to prove something to himself quickly. Zito has to win every third or fourth game in order to justify his existence. And, well, Tim just needs a chance to show how good he is.
So much for Pablo's streak....Maybe my next ridiculous prediction will come true...

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm excited about Sanchez today. I figured to shut him down for the year, but he still has something in the tank. Credit Boch and Rags, I suppose. If Sanchez is not our #4 (assuming Zito is #5), who is? Lincecum, Cain, #3, #4, Zito. Correia? Lowry?

Brother Bob said...

I've only used the "_____ Jon" thing twice and strictly as an homage to your brilliant "______ Tim" series.

Zo said...

Completely inexplicable comment in Sunday's Chronic: "Manager Bruce Bochy ... does not plan to arrange fewer starts for Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, who are 1-2 in the league in pitches thrown."

"Right now, no, but we'll monitor those two," Bochy said. He could shuffle the rotation to ensure Barry Zito has no chance to lose 20 games or to find starts...".

WTF? Although Tim and Matt have not appeared fatigued, we are willing to let them burn out, maybe get injured, so we can help a fully mature pitcher avoid a meaningless stat, especially when he is ranked among the lowest run supported pitchers in the ML?

As was stated, this last month should tell whether Bochy and crew are worth anything, or less than nothing - how they use and evaluate our young talent. You can be sure that at least one savvy veteran will be in the line-up per game, that is a given, but beyond that, we need to be determining which young buds will thrive and which need to be pruned. We simply cannot go into next season simply flailing away like we did this season. I hope our new ownership is watching carefully.