Monday, September 29, 2008

Love You Long Tim

Sorry for the late posting, but I can already feel it. Yeah, I can tell I have a bad case this time. I bet there will be a lot of it going around the next few days...No, not anything as pedestrian as a head cold, I am talking "Post-Lincecum Depression" and this time we have a lot longer to wait than 5 days!!!

As all of us Tim-junkies are well aware, the 2008 love affair with Tim Lincecum has come to an end. What an amazing ride it was! It was completely appropriate that the season finale was another dose of vintage Tim: another quality start, four little hits in 7 full innings, 2 walks and, of course, the strikeouts. THIRTEEN this time, with the lovely side note that Tim got the first nine outs via the "K". Don't you just love it how he can just turn it on when he wants to? Isn't that the definition of DOMINANT?

So why am I depressed? I'm addicted. I tried not to fall in love with strikeouts (they really are kind of boring and fascist) but as Tim's totals rose so did my dependency. After all, 265 little rushes can add up over a long season, especially a season with little else going for it. Who's going to give me what I need?? Is there some back alley where strikeout artists hang out? Maybe a website, free would be great, but if I have to subscribe it better include a nasty off speed pitch. I bet Korea or Japan is the ticket, those people are baseball junkies. Time to do some research!

I'll write a season review and all that crap later, as I am sure my fellow bloggers are busy doing right now. Me? I'm going to go watch some video highlights of ....well, you know what.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

He's something else, no doubt. He personally rescued our season from utter ignominy and disgrace. Just imagine what he's going to do next year!

Brother Bob said...

The game was a perfect illustration of the insignificance of wins for a pitcher. When Tim was replaced by a pinch-hitter, he was behind 1-0 and stood to be the loser. Fortunately that PH, Sandoval, slapped the first pitch he saw into left field (how typical) for an RBI. So now the worst that Tim could get was a ND. Shortly thereafter another run was scored so now Tim stood to be the winner. All through nothing that he did himself. And of course if Wilson had later blown it, there goes the win.