Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rebound Tim

Tim Lincecum, in a completely predictable manner, rebounded from a rather "human" effort last time by returning to his usual "superhuman" self. Tim found a way to lower his ERA (2.54), maintain his league leading strikeout total (225, setting a new franchise record for team K's at 1,090), and go a career high 8.1 innings. Nothing remarkable for Tim, but still, as a Giants fan that has watched a life time of pitching mediocrity, I get chills every time he is out there. At the risk of sounding like a religious zealot, I think we should all take a while to appreciate and give thanks for the bounty that is Tim (hallowed be his name...)

OK, the service has ended. Time to ask 2 questions (one common, the other my own):

1) The one on many lips today...Will Tim win the Cy Young?? What a great thing to speculate about! Unfortunately, it looks like Webb probably controls this more than Tim. He has one more start than Tim and if he gets to 20 wins (quite likely) or the snakes win the division, he'll get it. He won't really deserve it (ERA one run higher, about 100 fewer K's) but it is his to lose. Luckily he is trying real hard to do just that.

2) Was that lineup Bochy's idea of giving Tim the best chance to win?? Is this who plays when we face "contenders" and have to look like we are trying our best?? That is GROSS. The lineup was full of stiffs (Aurilia, Roberts! and Vizquel) and only had Pablo and Emmanuel. If this is Bonehead's "respectable" lineup, then we are still in big trouble. Are we so out of touch that we haven't noticed that all great teams are filled with hungry (cheap) youngsters? That is a big part of the modern formula of success. Why do we have to be such a "good ol' boy"network??

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Bochy was hired precisely because he is part of baseball's BOF (boring old fart) brigade.

The stiffs did the job, though. El Gamerino Gordito muscled up the big blast. Maybe the message we should take from that is it doesn't matter who's out there when Tim pitches. That sounds like Cy Young material to me.

Brother Bob said...

It's been nothing but rookies for a week and then there's one friggin lineup where he trots out the fogeys, and you gotta get your knickers in a twist. Why aren't you griping about the friggin pitch count? Oh wait, that's Zo's job.
Re: Cy Young- I'd say our little Seabiscuit has pulled up to neck-and-neck with War Admiral Webb. Mostly because Webb has sucked a lot recently. Also, we might have a reason to root for the Doggers, so the Snakes don't make the playoffs, which would enhance Webb's perceived value.
BTW- I just re-watched "Bull Durham." My god what a great movie.
I could go on and on about it, but you all know what I'm saying. Great line after great line, an endless string of priceless moments. Maximum SCHWING factor with every scene Susan Sarandon's in. Kevin Costner at his peak. Bro Bob says check it out.

Zo said...

".....we might have reason to root for the doggers.....".

No, thank you. Not even if it meant a Cy Young for little Tim. I don't view the desert dogs as any better, but still. Some morality must exist in the universe.

Kruk and Kuip were just talking about "Bull Durham" last night in answering questions from e-mailers on the air. Kuip said that the only thing he didn't like about the movie was that there were never any Susan Sarandons in the stands when he was in the minor leagues.

And now, the plan, according to Bruce Bochy in the Chronic today, is to let Tim Lincecum pitch on less than his normal rest on the last game of the season if we have the chance to play spoiler for the doggers and because "it is important to him to win 20 games..." to which I reply WTF? A big assumption is that the Giants can win his starts between now and then. It seems what is important is to have Tim on top of his game next season, not 3-8 before he is out for surgery for two years in May. And if he doesn't get his magic 20 wins on a team that pretty much sucks, maybe he will have to settle for a career instead. BTW, I've moved off pitch counts to bitch about innings pitched.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I have to admit I'm willing for the Chavez Latriners to win if it means Tim gets the nod over Webb. I know, it is stepping off a moral cliff, but morality be damned. As a wise Irishman once said: "If I should fall from grace with God . . . let me go, bhoys, let me go." (Bonus points for naming the Irishman.)

This does not mean I agree with how he is being used. This thing is nuts. Boch & Sabes are either stupid or grotesquely cynical. If they know that Tim, like Clemens, Maddux, Santana, etc. will go for the free agency big bucks as soon as he can (2012, I think?), they'll milk 270 IP/year out of him from now through 2011 and let his arm fall off for some other team.