Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sanchez and Sandoval

I'm so psyched about today's lineup. Watching Sanchez pitching and Sandoval catching is like a little dream come true. The rest of the lineup- almost all rookies- is exciting too.
It's just the bottom of the second now, with no score. (Shit, a double play!)
I want Pablo as our "catcher of the future." He looks so right back there.
Can't they teach Buster Posey to play first base or something?


Brother Bob said...

Pirates 3, Giants 0
Velez sucks!

Brother Bob said...

Pablo got 3 RBI and put the center fielder in the hospital. Awesome!

Brother Bob said...

I gotta go to work now. That 10-run inning rocked! So Sanchez gets the win if they keep this lead, right? Even though he sucked? I love that!

JC Parsons said...

Nope, you have to go 5 if you start. Looks like Matos is the beneficiary of that amazing outburst. Why so short with Sanchez? Did he suck?

I like Pablo at first/third and then as the backup catcher. Posey better be the man, considering he is the highest paid Giants baby ever. How about Gillespie? Did he get called up? If so, why didn't he play?

I expect GREAT things from Tim. Even better than his usual.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, Buster's our guy at catcher. He'll replace Bengie in September of next season. Pablo could play 1B, eh? Nothing is settled on the infield next year, really. Bowker, Frandsen, Denker, Burris, etc. Now Gillaspie is in the mix. Pablo is going to hit a bad luck stretch at some point, since he puts so many balls in play. Let's see if he can learn to work counts and take pitches.

Brother Bob said...

Sanchez semi-sucked, giving up 5 in 4. He'd thrown a goodly # of pitches, there was an appropriate chance to pinch-hit for him, so they did the cautious thing and pulled him.
The the 10-run inning happened.
If Posey's a stud behind the plate, or can't learn to play 1st, then fine, Pablo can play anywhere. He just looks so much like a catcher.
Velez must seriously be a bonehead, as he made one bonehead error after another, not getting to the bag on time to catch a fine throw on a steal, overrunning 2nd and almost getting picked off, etc.
Maybe he has the thing that can't be taught (speed) but can't be taught anything else either.
Go Timmy!