Friday, September 19, 2008

Sign Tim!

Quick, before Lincecum gets a chance to really think about this year and this franchise...THROW MONEY AT HIM!! Make him the proverbial offer he can't refuse. Do it this morning because if Tim is thinking the way I am, he is counting the days until he is gone. Milk us for a few huge arbitration deals, then get a Zito-esque deal from a real team. You know, one with a plan or the ability to help him get BETTER.

Sure, I am having an emotional reaction to a disgusting loss to finish off a horrible sweep. Tim AGAIN pitched well enough to win: 8 innings, 3 runs (somehow all earned!) 7 hits (really only 5 and only one double), zero walks and six strikeouts. But thanks to the huge flaws of this team, he gets his FOURTH LOSS. Not one , but TWO misplayed fly balls destroyed Tim's win, and very likely his Cy Young award. Velez we all know is raw and a defensive liability, but Rowand SHOULD BE SHOT. How in earth did he ever get Gold Glove consideration, let alone win one? Since opening day his defense, physically and mentally, has been PUTRID. By this time next year, he will be considered a TERRIBLE acquistion and we will have another albatross that we can't unload.

So as Tim is eating his Malto-Meal this morning, I can just imagine him thinking about another couple years with Bonehead and Rags, about his team that never even tried to get a FIRST or THIRD baseman, about his team that just cast aside the last true superstar they had, about his team that shot their financial wad on a crappy lefty that doesn't deserve to hold Tim's jock. Or maybe he is just this really my team? Should it be?

Please Tim,


M.C. O'Connor said...

I cannot shake "Johan Santana" from my brain. Of course, the Twins dealt him AFTER they'd signed him to a 4-year deal. He was in his final year when the Mets got him and negotiated that monster contract. (If Santana is worth $137.5 M for 6 years, what will Tim command?)

Too bad about last night. Velez should not have been in LF. Boch should have known that "D" was going to be the difference. He set that kid up to fail, something managers shouldn't do. You have to give young players chances to show what they CAN do, not what they cannot. He's a freakin' IF fer chrissakes! And I've already dissed Gomer enough--no sense beating a dead horse.

We lost that game in the 1st inning when we failed to get a hit with the bases loaded. Then Johnson got 3 outs on 7 pitches in the next inning. Too many goddamn free-swinging "brain-dead" hackers who can't fookin' hit in our pathetic line-up.

I hoped after last night we'd back off on our silly quest for Tim's Cy. Sure he deserves it--we all know that. But enough is enough.

Another nice Tim piece.

Brother Bob said...

Velez has been performing at a pretty high level recently, after I called him a bonehead. I've been meaning to claim baseball-god-karmic credit for this development. That was me. I did it. But he was a bonehead again last night and it cost us the game, maybe.
I think he might have the athleticism to be a good outfielder. He'll run down lots of gappers. But will he make good judgements on throws? Or will he miss cutoff men? Will he collide with the centerfielder on a regular basis? Dive for balls out of reach and let them get by him for triples?
He might, because he's a bonehead.

Zo said...

Too late, in the Chronic this am, Bochy is again talking about getting Lincecum an extra start on short rest for the last game of the season. By then, the Giants may not even have a chance to affect the pennant race. It could be Lincecum against some smog sucking scrub so they can rest their starters. Lincecum's "win" will be telegraphed as meaningless.

Anonymous said...

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