Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Is Not About Baseball

(I want to abuse this wee daft forum with a bit of a rant about the world such as it.)

Communism died in 1991. Capitalism died last week.
Of course communism per se still exists in a few places(China, Vietnam,Cuba and Alameda County) But the big bear Russia keeled over,and China is a marketplace wet dream with the added benefit of totalitarian rule.
And of course capitalism still exists big-time, but something big happened. We have socialized the financial industry. We're going to hand over a sum of money equivalent to the amount of all the money that's been flushed down the rathole of Iraq in 6 years.
For that uberprincely sum we get a mountain of bad debt.
We have socialized our liabilities while continuing to privatize all the profits.
But I don't trust these rat bastards for a second. I think it's one last ripoff while they can still get away with it. Take the money and run. The very first thing these guys did in '01 was privatize the surplus. They just took it. Then they kept taking and taking, the richest 1% sucking the life out of the middle class, wanting to keep us anxious, fearful and compliant.
Don't get me started on 911, abuse of power,shredding of civil liberties, etc. Today's rant will stay focused on economics.
But actually, hell I'm spent. That felt good. Thank you.


Jason A. said...

Very well stated. I have always enjoyed your writing.

nancyo said...

Re both Matt and the rape by Wall Street -- I think we all feel your pain, M.C. Thanks for doing a group rant.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Readers, please note that this post was composed by my esteemed blog colleague, Brother Bob, not by me, that is, M.C.

(And thanks, BroB, for "keepin' it real.")

nancyo said...

Ooops -- I did notice that, the second time around. It was a jolly (?) good rant and many thanks to Brother Bob. My hope is that LOTS of people rant.