Friday, March 6, 2009

Early Spring Tim

Hey there, it's JCP, the resident Freak freak. In other words, I was the RMC author that got the honor of covering young Tim Lincecum's first full year in the bigs. Tough gig, huh? Anyway, I was figuring on dogging it this spring - that's what all the savvy veterans do - but then Tim has to go all mid season dominating form on me. Sheesh, does this kid have any lower gears?

Today our boy went three nearly perfect innings, one walk, 3 strikeouts. The photo is, of course, courtesy of the incomparable Giants Jottings. Shall we start a pool as to when/if he cuts his hair?

He has given up one hit so far this spring, something like seven innings. In other words, everything is normal. I wonder what he has to work on? Last year brought the incredible plus change to counter his "electric heater," (UL Approved). Is there something new in the "Master Plan"? You know Tim and his Dad have a "Master Plan."

Let's talk Tim, shall we? Projections, adulations, etc., etc. Let me start: This is Tim's team. Everybody else is pretty much fluff, some have some really good potential, but nothing that could not be replaced. Anyone care to contest that?

Well that does it for me. I'm clearly out of shape. I better get some more work in before the season starts or my assignment will leave me in the dust. Oh well, I guess that's what spring is for...unless you are Tim.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Indeed. He's The Franchise. My routine response to this guy is awe.

When Barry was Barry, we had this sense of urgency that we had to put a team together ("stable ponies") to win it all with him. That was our shot at a ring--Barry and the Seven Dwarfs.

Now we have Tim. He has even less to work with than Bonds, and only plays every fifth day.

It's a good thing he's a freak.

JC Parsons said...

Hey MOC! You were supposed to say Matt is poised for ascendancy to a similar superstar status. Isn't that possible? Is Cain easily replaced?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Of course I was supposed to say that. But how can I top "poised for ascendancy to a similar superstar status"?

Matt is a big deal but he is not THE REAL DEAL. At least he has not shown that. I love that Matt is a big deal. If we're smart, he'll be a big deal for us for a long time.

Tim is something else entirely.

Anonymous said...

Hey JC parsons, I've seen a post where you said that you have a slide show of lincecum's stretches and pictures of him,

If you could please email it to me?