Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Original Freak

Christy Mathewson's numbers are hard to believe.
373 career wins vs. 188 losses.
2505 strikeouts vs. 844 walks.
Career ERA of 2.13.
79 shutouts.
13 seasons with 20 or more wins.
4 seasons with 30 or more wins.

What "The Christian Gentleman" did in the 1905 Worlds Series was beyond unbelievable.
In game one he threw a 4 hit shutout.
Three days later he repeated that feat.
Two days later he threw a 6 hit shutout.

If there was ever a better pitcher than him I don't know who he would be.


Brother Bob said...

With my laser-like focus on the current season I had it in my mind that opening day was today, so I declared an end to my history series.

Bob said...

OK, my head's in the game now and here's my end-of-spring-training thoughts:
-The Giants are improved in all departments except infield defense.
-The upgrades in offense from 3rd and short are major.
-The bullpen has so many new faces it's hard to say, but they probably will be much better, except Wilson may take a step backward.
-The starting pitchers should be the team's #1 strength. With improved run support Cain will start racking up the Ws that have eluded him so far.
-Lincecum will probably not match what he did last year.
-Jonathan Sanchez is NOT a major talent. When MadBum is ready, Sanchez either goes to the pen or is history.
-Rowand will certainly have a better year.
-If Lewis and/or Ishikawa have breakout years the Giants could go all the way.
-I stand by my prediction that Sandoval will bat .400. If I'm right, there will be a tremendous SYNERGY throughout the heart of the batting order and anything could happen.