Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unlucky Tim

(do you think we would have caught a break if he only got 12?)

Our boy Tim came back in style with a masterful 8 inning, 5 hit, NO walk performance. Only one of those hits was well struck! And, of course, those lovely strikeouts. Once again, Tim closed out his day with a couple K's. Notice how often he does that?

Should he have been pulled? 96 pitches is up there but, as was just mentioned, he clearly still had dominating stuff. I think I would have left him out there. Here's why: (1) We have 2 days off next week, so Tim won't pitch for a week. If he went up to 115 pitches or so, at least you know he will get plenty of rest. (2) He had ZERO stressful innings and I think that is a HUGE consideration. (3) This team has nothing else going for it. I guess that last one is more of a fan's reason than a manager's.

Well I guess it is all academic when you can't score runs. Our offense is the same place that Nate Schierholtz is....That is his name, isn't it?

photo link: Interesting info about the number 13
. Watch out for dinners with twelve guests.


M.C. O'Connor said...


I was born on Friday the 13th!


M.C. O'Connor said...

Ojeda, Jackson, Lopez, Tracy, Byrnes, Clark, Reynolds, Young, Montero, Qualls, Upton, Davis, Snyder: 13 D'Backs played the game today!!!!

For the Giants, the staring 9 plus Affeldt and Wilson makes 11.

I was born on 11-13!!!!!


Bob said...

The sad loss on Saturday was very reminiscent of many games last year. Good pitching, no offense, then a bullpen collapse.
Still, the brilliance of Timmy cancels out the negatives. All he had to do was coordinate his upper and lower torques. Nothing to it.