Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Re-arranging the deck chairs

Some wag over at McChronic used this phrase to describe the Giants lineup, but it seems equally appropriate to this 25-man roster thing. I want to get apoplectic about Frandsen getting sent down and no backup catcher and both Velez and Torres but I just can't. I'd bet most of those decisions came down to mundane things like this guy is out of options (Velez) and this guy isn't (Frandsen), and not about game tactics, roster flexibility, who is the better player, and building the club's future. In fact, the 25-man roster is a very fluid thing, and I think we will see a LOT of movement in the next few months. That being said, I feel bad for Frandsen, but the guy just does not seem to impress the brass. Burriss is a great story and I'm excited for him. In fact, if they are young and they are Giants I'm all for 'em. Ship out the dead weight and the old farts. If I'm going to re-arrange deck chairs on the Titanic, I want new, shiny deck chairs.

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