Friday, August 14, 2009

Goose eggs

Not exactly what I had in mind, you know? I watched the game until they took out Zito in the 6th. We got overmatched by their rookie. You Haft to love this:

Unfortunately for the Giants, Bochy, general manager Brian Sabean and the coaching staff have spent countless hours trying to devise ways enliven the offense.

That's verbatim. There's a comma or two missing, I think, and some tortured syntax. It certainly is "unfortunate" that we are still "trying to devise ways." How about John the Conqueroo? A couple of laps around the rosary beads? An encounter session with Eckhart Tolle? Anything thing but Brian Sabean's "enlivenings." (There's always getting some TALENT, but we won't go there. I'm starting to count the days until Buster Posey gets a call-up.) OK, sorry, no more bashing the feeble offense and the even feebler front office. It's too old. It's too easy.

Matt Cain tomorrow. Great matchup with Santana (bring the good mojo, alouredux!). Let's hope we give Big Sugar a fighting chance.


Bob said...

Buster update-
In 23 games with Fresno he's batting .289, 4 HR, 26 RBI, SLG .542, OPS .917.
Nice numbers but not savior numbers. Bowker and Torres have stronger stats, but they so far haven't translated to success in "the show" when they've had their chances.

JC Parsons said...

Don't worry about Buster...the dude's got Golden Spikes. And how in hell would a card carrying atheist like yourself recognize a savior??

JC Parsons said...

I didn't really follow yesterday - I often find excuses when Zito pitches. Hard to believe our offense could get worse but...

When do we pull the plug on Winn? I can't remember ever seeing him so bad so long. I fear he may be hiding some injury...or he's just old. Too bad, he's a good Giant. Nate needs to take over RF when we get back home. Who knows, maybe he'll never give it up.

Have we reached the point of success in which both Sabes and Bonehead come back with new contracts??????bittersweet

Bob said...

I seemed to have misplaced that card... Atheist is a stupid label, actually. Why should I define what I believe or don't believe in terms of what the alleged majority believes?
I believe in the baseball gods. Bill and I observe a small local deity who leaves pennies on the sidewalk for us. But that old crap about Jawweh of Sinai? Fugedaboudit.
The geniuses of "South Park" got it right with their 3-parter on Imaginationland. Things we imagine serve a purpose.