Wednesday, August 26, 2009


7 4 2 1 4 4
Game Score 63

There was a moment or two in the 9th last night when it seemed ready to unravel and all I could think about was that this game would be the worse loss of the year. But Sergio Romo stepped up to save the situation and we came away with a crucial win. I don't fault Wilson for breaking down, he's pitched damn well for us all season including that impressive long stint on Sunday. Matt Cain--Mr. Consistent--gave us another strong start but once again failed to get his 13th victory. He and Haren gave us quite the crisp and impressive duel, and only by the barest shades of luck and pluck did we knot it up. Cain survived a scare in the 6th from an ill-timed two-out walk, getting an out at the plate on a nice Lewis throw, Renteria relay, and Whiteside tag. Haren then got in trouble in the 7th with Ishi-bomb number one and an error, and, miraculously, uncorked the wild pitch that saved our butts. Regular readers know how much I love a good dose of Weaver Ball, and Ishi-bomb number two was a tonic for this offense-starved fan. And, whaddya know, it proved to be the margin of victory! All hail the three-run homer!!! (Now if we could just get a couple of fellas who could do that regularly we would have quite the ballclub.) I like the Crockies beating the LAtriners. Here's a scenario I can root for: the Smoggers take a nose dive and have to fight it out with us for the Wild Card!

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JC Parsons said...

Two quick comments (both are rather snarky...must be that time of the month):

1. 3 run homers take...3 people! You may love the homer but I ADORE the two walks that came before it. So I say "All Hail the BASE ON BALLS!" Now if we could just get a couple of fellas who could do that regularly we would have quite the ballclub...gee, where have I heard that?

2. Is it just me, or can anybody else recall any other game that Ishikawa won for us? I can distinctly remember great offensive games from everybody else (even Uribe, Lewis and Garko) but not our "regular" first baseman. He did great last night in a huge game...but one thing it did to me was just underscore what a non-factor he is on this team. Is his glove that good? Really? Even Snow and Hernandez had to hit some or get on base.
end of snarkfest