Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Lucky" Tim

Triskaidekaphobia has been cured!!!

In a game that smacked of postseason tension, Tim Lincecum tamed the wild card leading Crockies. Even without being razor sharp, Tim ground out 8 scoreless innings and gave up a paltry 4 hits (1 double). His EIGHT STRIKEOUTS more than made up for the three walks and one wild pitch. I believe they only had three runners in scoring position all night (we, of course, went 2 for gazillion). The biggest moment came with the first batter of the sixth inning, Seth Smith. This was the guy that beat Tim with a HR last time around. I hate this guy. After TWELVE pitches, it was clear that Smith could get a piece of anything Tim could toss up there. Most of us know that these extended at bats usually favor the hitter. Well, that rule doesn't apply to future Hall of Famers. On the THIRTEENTH pitch, Smith looked at a perfect strike on the corner. A few outs later, the Giants have gained a game on both Colorado and lalaland AND ITS FEELING LIKE A RACE AGAIN.

Unlike my esteemed colleague MOC, I actually do think this team can do it. I am just as shocked that we are even in it but where I differ is that I do think an ALL PITCHING team might be able to do it. Its all a matter of timing (and luck??). We have our ups and downs, nothing very dramatic; good pitching doesn't allow long losing streaks...a great May, everything else OK. I feel like we are poised to have another great month...and by great I mean superbly pitched. After all, you will almost always win when you throw a shutout!

Once Beezy and Matt are done working this weekend, I think you will all be believers. I bet we only need about 5 runs to win the next two games...any takers?

One other thing...there is no such thing as luck to Tim Lincecum.


Bob said...

I'm glad one of our aces moved past the 12 win mark. Now the other one must follow suit. Well, not now; tomorrow.
The Legend of Pablo was enhanced last night. And Velez continues to show he might be for real. Maybe we'll need a second baseman. That dude the Pirates unloaded on us might have been a lemon.
Kevin Pucetas starts for the Griz tonight. Tomorrow I'll share what I observe.

JC Parsons said...

another topic: I think yesterday's thread gave proof that Ron needs to start his own posts. Become an active co-author! Zo too! Its way simple. Look what great shit Bob has contributed (come back soon!). Nobody will write as much (or as well?) as our beloved founder the pressure's off! Think about it you guys.

JC Parsons said...

Last night showed the power of the bunt. Tim was 1 - 3 and the first two failures led to killing easy scoring chances and the last helped cause the insurance run.

Actually there is no such thing as an easy scoring chance for this team.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim prevails! Man, he's good. The at-bat vs. Smith was just as you said. That was our 17th team shutout, the best in the ML by far. We are averaging exactly 4.000 runs scored per game (516/129) and yielding 3.783 (488/129). Let's not trim our nails to close, mates, we'll be needin' 'em.

Team talisman Pablo Sandoval continues his magic run. He's only 22. Imagine when he gets even better.

Eli Whiteside is serving notice as our backup backstop--let's keep him around to spell Buster next year.

@RON: I concur. I "re-invited" you to become an "author."

@ZO: I, too, miss your posts. Hope you find some time to chip in a few!

@ALL: Keep the comments flowing, regardless. What a great season--so much to write about!

Bob said...

Fact check-
Pablo turned 23 on Ausust 11. How did we miss that?