Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Velez Must Stay

Eugenio Velez just won't stop hitting. How are they going to take him out of the lineup? Sure, he'll go relatively cold eventually, but, I don't know, don't hold your breath.
I think we have our left fielder.
First and second base are both set now. Garko is warming up at the plate, and FSanchez has been super so far. Pablo seemed to have a slump for a few games coming off the AS break, but if you look at box scores from then he was still getting hits almost every game. Just little hits.
As for JSanchez, well, he was fabulous. He's performing like he now believes in himself.
Apparently we're going to play musical chairs for a while with the 5th starter spot. Let's all root for good-old Joe Martinez to have a manly outing tomorrow.


allfrank said...

God, when Sanchez is on it is just an incredible thing to watch.

Kevin O'Brien said...

You got to keep Eugenio in there. I know that might push Winn out, but Eugenio has hot bat and gives the Giants a better option at the leadoff. The only reason it's not showing right now is because we're playing a team with the best defensive catcher in baseball. Yet when we play a team with a mediocre catcher, Velez at leadoff will do real damage.

JC Parsons said...

I hate to be a bit of a downer on the Velez parade but, as I told Bob, we need to think of Eugenio as a utility player, NOT a starter. Hey, a good utility guy is super important so I do agree he figures in our plans but he should not be a starting OF. A team can't afford BOTH corner OFer's to be on base guys (which BTW Velez is not really good at). So as long as Rowand is in CF and Wynn is in RF there really is no chance for Velez to start. Don't forget Nate also. He will return soon and unless Velez is still hitting .445, he MUST get alot of playing time.

Zo said...

All this chatter about Velez is mildly interesting, but I think the story is Jonathan Sanchez. As Mr. Allfrank says, he can be incredible. He always has been, just never able to string together the impressiveness for more than a batter, or an inning or two. He has given up 10 hits in the last 35 innings (going back a little before the no-hitter). If Zito is throwing well, and Sanchez stays on top of his legs, or whatever his secret is, we are tough to beat four out of five starts. I like the idea of a dominant big three, almost as well as the idea of a dominant big four.