Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Penny and Giants Throttle World Champs

I'm speechless.


Zo said...

Bochy said he would be happy with 5 innings. Penny pitched 8. Gave up 5 hits. No runs. Umbelievabable. WTF? I'm predicting a major implosion next time out, then victories for the remainder of the season. WTF?

Ron said...

Just the mere presence of Buster Posey & Dan Schnurfman (or whatever his name is) has transformed this team - we may never lose another game ... ever! What a drag for the other NL teams next season.

Joe G. said...

Penny throws Silver Dollar! Copper turns to Gold! Wow again, that was an awesome performance and a great win. Haven't seen Penny in a long while... What a widebody! So we throw the Winnebago one night and a Kowasaki the next, the Phillies will be looking in the rear view mirror wondering what just smoked them! Penny fills the roll of RJ just in time to help push us into the playoffs, and the rest of the league is envious! This is shaping up to be a September to Remember!
Nice to see Torres in left driving in the first run, and Uribe still swinging a hot bat. Now if Rowand can just hit .400 for a month like he did earlier in the season. And now we get to watch Posey make his debut...too much. Can't wait to see if this kid can come through for the big club. So who is this young pitcher with the great story? What's his story? lol Joe G,

Joe G. said...

Check out Scott Ostler's column in the Chron this morning. He comments on the Giants "flailing" at the plate and their batting coach. Ah yes, and September baseball. Is he Raising Matt Cain?
I will be watching this afternoons game like it is a playoff game. Too much fun! JG

M.C. O'Connor said...

Daniel Joseph Runzler, b. Santa Monica 30 March 1985, UC Riverside, southpaw, 6-4, 215.

47 games in pro ball, 59 IP, 23 hits, 84 K.

9th round pick (#284) in 2007, same draft as MadBum and Alderson.

I guess this fellow is on the fast track. Check out Chris Haft's note about him.

M.C. O'Connor said...

What an amazing game! We won a crucial game on the road against a great team, and we did it with pitching, fielding, and power hitting. I expected nothing out of Penny and he was masterful. Jeremy Affeldt gave us ANOTHER awesome inning. Juan Uribe continues to deliver big plays. Andres Torres got a big hit and ran down everything hit his way effortlessly. Garko!Garko!Garko! got in on the act, and even my favorite whipping boy, Aaron Rowand, knocked a HR. I note that Pablo Sandoval had an 0-fer but we still won.


Ron said...

'runzler' (Merriam-Webster) - from olde English (previously, runsler) - a former cricketing term meaning having the ability to or inducing the manufacture of runs.

Sample usage: 'When your baseball team is in a slump, acquire a runzler'.

Ron said...

A comment about YOUR SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS: "With their Major League-high 18th shutout." Savor that!