Monday, May 17, 2010

Adrian Gonzalez bunts, Giants lose

Adrian Gonzalez, the only real power threat on the field, bunted in the 7th inning with a man on 1st base and nobody out. (Never mind that that runner later scored.) Adrian Gonzalez, who had hit a homer in the 1st off Matt Cain, sacrificed himself with a bunt. That's your 2010 San Diego Padres: they are pesky and annoying and they win when their big slugger bunts.

How is it that a bottom-feeding .690 OPS offense makes our pitcher work like hell (28 batters and 119 pitches to get 18 outs) and give up five walks and six hits, yet our supposedly league-average offense can't do squat? THREE HITS off their starter? FOUR HITS total? Seriously? That's your 2010 San Francisco Giants: they think a scoring opportunity is seeing a cute girl in the parking lot after the game.

A tortuous but reasonably effective start by Cain--who labored in every inning but managed to limit the damage--was followed by some ugly relief work by Runzler (2 walks and a hit) and Romo (bases-loaded HBP) and the Giants were toast. Then we got treated to Eugenio Velez back with the big squad and pinch-hitting against Heath Bell. Oh boy, that's a confidence builder. A $12 M free agent goes on the DL and the very best the organization can do is replace him with Eugenio Velez. Chew on that, lads.

A lot of clubs would be happy if their starter gave them six innings and two runs. Normally, I'd be happy, too. But with the bad luck and lack of execution the Giants have experienced against the Padres this season (and last season, too), it was not good enough. Add another "L" to the long list, Matty me boy, this team does not know how to win for you.

LA won their 8th consecutive game so they are only a half game back of us. They are averaging 5.15 runs scored per game for the season and have rediscovered their pitching, giving up only 15 runs during the win streak.

Sanchez vs. Latos--again--tomorrow. Maybe the third time will be the charm.


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