Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sometimes it's better not to look

The ONLY part of last night's game I saw was Rod Barajas' walk-off homer against Sergio Romo. I was late leaving work and thought I might grab a pint and catch the last few innings at a local establishment that I frequent on Friday nights. I walked in, said my hellos, looked at the TV and saw the game end. Like I said, sometimes it's better not to look.

I'm encouraged by Sanchez, falling behind early but fighting to stay in the game and keeping it close. The whole squad could have folded, in fact, but they didn't. Dare I say that seems characteristic of this team? They clawed their way back against a hot home club, thanks to a sizzling Aaron Rowand and a surprising Eli Whiteside. That was quite a feat by John Bowker, getting the game-tying bomb off Francisco Rodriguez in the 9th. Alas, Sergio Romo is discovering that major-league hitters can hit his slider. Rod Barajas is ridiculous right now--that was his third 2-HR game of 2010.

Denny Bautista got called up and pitched the 8th. Edgar Renteria was put on the DL and Eugenio Velez was optioned to Fresno. Todd Wellemeyer is back in the starting rotation today--let's hope we get him some runs to work with.



Bob said...

I was at work and missed last night's game entirely. This morning's paper said Sanchez "pitched well enough to win." I don't think giving up 4 runs in 7 innings is quite good enough for a weak-hitting team like the Giants.
I'm watching the beginning of this morning's game now. Sandoval looks like crap. He was an easy K for Santana.
And now Wellemeyer walks the leadoff man. I don't like our chances today.

Bob said...

The Mets new ballpark is reminding me of the bad old days at the Stick, with mass quantities of litter blowing around the field.

Zo said...

I was home after getting a couple of enlarged lymph nodes removed from my neck in the morning, so got a rare opportunity to watch a game start to finish. However, as the nodes went, so went the game. Good things observed: The team has scored late in most of this road trip, even the final game against Florida which was well in hand. This game was no exception, Bowker showing patience at the plate in the ninth inning as well as power. Sanchez, not his most dominant start, but after giving up home runs to Barajas and Davis, both mistake pitches high, he settled in and got the job done. Also, he did not give up those hits after walking men on base and pitching "carefully" a common problem of his in years past. His final three innings after Davis' second hr were scoreless. As Bob noted, Sandoval has expanded his strike zone, if that is possible. He was swinging at stuff not close to a strike. If he hits that, no one cares, but right now he is not and looks bad. Wellemeyer, not good today. 5 walks, a WP and hit batsman in 4.1 innings, not a good way to pick up a W.