Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad team beat down

The Houston Astros are a bad team. They are last in baseball in wOBA (.266), last in walks (66), tied for last in homers (18), last in doubles (48), and last in runs scored (106). And that's cherry-picking, because they are 3rd in FIP (3.60), just behind St. Louis and San Francisco! Despite what seems like league-average pitching (16th in runs allowed at 144), they own the worst record in the NL and only have one more win than pathetic Baltimore.

Beating up on bad teams is a time-tested way to get to the playoffs. I'm happy to see that we gave the visiting squad a good thrashing last night. The Giants are 4-0 against Houston, 3-0 against Florida, and 2-1 against Pittsburgh, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Colorado (17-5). Throw in 1-2 against LA and NY and that's a 19-9 record against all teams not named San Diego.

The Freak goes today, I hope we can hit as well off Roy Oswalt as we did against Felipe Paulino.


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