Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snakes on a Cain? No problem!

Matt Cain's best start of the year (Game Score 94) was a one-hitter against the Diamondbacks in San Francisco on the 28th of May. He had nine strikeouts and zero walks. Tonight, the 22nd of July, Matt Cain threw eight shutout innings against the same Arizona club, this time on the road, and also had nine strikeouts. He gave up three hits and three walks, but it was otherwise a dominating performance (Game Score 82). Oh, and Matt got the WIN in both of those starts. That's not always the case, you know. In fact, he evened up his record at 8-8, making him a .500 pitcher in 20 starts. Tonight the Giants exploded for single runs in the 1st, 3rd, and 7th innings, racking up a hefty three-run total, which I've no doubt Matt was extremely grateful for. Buster Posey got two hits including a two-out, two-strike stroke to score Aubrey Huff in the opening frame. Andres Torres made another (yawn) great catch in the outfield to save extra bases and also delivered a massive solo shot to make it 2-0. Aaron Rowand got in on the RBI fun later to seal the deal for Cain. The Tennessee Stud needed 117 pitches and 30 batters to get 24 outs. He mixed it up impressively, getting strikes with all his pitches, and using his breaking stuff (how about that changeup!) especially to get swings-and-misses. Check out these numbers from the box score: called strikes 20, swinging strikes 19, foul balls 18, and in-play strikes 19. The Giants are .500 on the road (25-25) which is very encouraging, and have some big wins already against the NL West. Keep it going, lads, keep it going.



Anonymous said...

That was a pickmeup. It's magical how we've been so used to seeing Andres' catches, good pitching, great situational at bats from Buster, etc. I'm not sure where this season may take us, but it's so exciting, I just don't want it to end. I believe a wise man by the name of Skeletor once said, "Life (Baseball) is a journey, not a destination." I just wish that Pablo doesn't get discouraged, he's the big reason [some pun intended] that I love this team.

I love that he's big. I love that he's Venezuelan (word to the Motherland), well, more like Grandfatherland but same thing). I love that he's a hack. I remember reading a comment(s) some where that said, and I'm paraphrasing: "I hate when this team swings at every pitch, except Pablo." Something about that just stuck with me. How can so many men do the same thing but end up with different results? It's those little things whether it be skill, power, luck, courage (Pablo's piece of the Triforce!) that make me happy. I remember during the offseason wondering how high Pablo's BA would be (I know that it's not the best stat). I was sure that it would be .340 or so. I was wondering how many HR he would hit (there are other ways to display power). Now I feel selfish. I feel like a jinx when bad things happen. I don't care about hollow awards, honors, or whatever, I just want Pablo to be happy.

I hope they're not making Timmeh pitch hurt. I don't want our youngins to be broken <8( It's a game damn it, don't hurt them. Poor Jamie Moyer. He reminded me of my childhood. It feels like it died today (again). He was that one guy who was always there and now he's gone. I need a hug.

Zo said...

An alternative title for today's post could have been: Giants Win, Tradional Media Tries to Create Wild Card Interest. To which we respond WTF? Yes, the Giants are in the Wild Card lead, insofar as that is even possible at this time of the season. They have looked strong and the division is within reach (assuming they can beat San Diego).