Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ace-Killer Tim

For the second time in the last eleven thrilling days, Tim Lincecum has beaten an opponent's "ace" in a huge NL West match up. The first showdown was the classic duel with Ubaldo Jimenez that Tim secured with a spectacular effort (game score 76)...Holy Jeebus, was that the last game those pesky Rockies lost? And, of course, the second beat down came today against the puds' much heralded Mat Latte', a 6-1 drubbing at DogFood Park in which Tim dominated from the start (game score 67). Lincecum seemed to own the bottom of the strike zone; only 5 of the 21 outs were fly balls and the only extra-base hit (a triple) was a hard grounder just by Huff. His velocity also seemed to be top notch, hitting 94 regularly, even late in the game. His line:

7 innings, 7 hits, 1 run (fie on you,Eckstein!), 1 walk and NINE STRIKEOUTS

No doubt that the "W" is really what "it" is all about, but isn't there some potent mojo associated with the fact that our #1 Stud can and WILL beat their #1 Stud? Tim Lincecum is still "The Man" in the West.

Other quick thoughts:

* Tim creeps up on another Juan-type accomplishment. At 208 strikeouts, Lincecum leads the league and has topped 200 for the third consecutive year. Marichal did it 4 times...Mathewson (3) and Rusie(4) did it too, but that was a frigging long time ago!

* Can I dream that Nate may get to play some now that Torres is out? Or does Rowand now just get handed the job? And does that sac fly RBI tonight from Guillen mean he's guaranteed a spot for another week? Jeez, what does Bonehead see that none of us do?

* Way to bring the RMC vibe down to San Diego, Bro! You represented!

photo credit: Who knew there already was an Ace Killer?


M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim rocked. A 2-RBI hit, too! Buster rocked. Huff rocked. The team rocked.

It was great to watch the Giants with my homies, as well.

Too bad about Torres. That's a huge blow. Let's hope someone can step up (Ross?). Man, that poor guy has his best season ever and then gets nailed by appendicitis. The baseball gods are beyond cruel--they are malicious.

Anonymous said...

It's ok M.C., maybe the Giants will go all Twins-like and somehow everyone will step up with our best player down for now. Even if that doesn't happen, Timmeh's been great and maybe given a chance, Nate could show some gamertude (or at least play great RF). I would like it to be Burrell-Ross-NATE out there over Burrell-Rowand-Guillen. Go Giants!

Also, the Rockies scare me. Something's not right about them.

Anonymous said...

I hope we are in second again tomorrow. Go Padres! Beat the Rockies!

Zo said...

Anon - I have to disagree. Right now, all the Giants have to do is play even with the Rox to finish in front of them. John Shea wrote an article in the Chromic this am that was all about Ross and Rowand. No mention of Schierholtz, even though it does mention Burriss, Velez and Ford (???). Let's not leave him out of the equation because it at least gives us a quality defensive center fielder. Ross is probably a better player than he has shown since he arrived, but then, he has done damn little since he arrived. Rowand is just disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm far more worried about the Rockies than the Padres. The Padres are becoming the team we expected them to be all year and the Rockies, are unfortunately, also becoming the team we feared they may become. I'd rather be ahead of the Rockies by a couple games going into the final series with the Pads at the end of the year. But as long as we win, destiny is in our hands. Go Giants! And feel better Andres.

Anonymous said...

@Zo: Why play even? I want us to play better than even; play better than them. Set your sights higher my friend. Gotta leave an impression, ya digg?

Brother Bob said...

One moment from the game I enjoyed even though it didn't effect the outcome and it didn't go in our favor- Sandoval's collision at the plate with Hundley. Hundley's going to dream about that one for a while.